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[Introduction] a friend told me that in some developed capitalist countries nowadays, someone is ill and his family members do not take them to the hospital, which is a crime and will go to jail, thinking about going to hospital without children, these so-called democratic and liberal people still advocate freedom. Since the new health care reform, the country has taken a series of measures, such as establishing the basic drug system, speeding up the construction of the basic medical security system and so on, which have effectively eased the stubborn disease of difficult and expensive medical treatment. Last year, there was a national political advisor said doctor not difficult, doctor not expensive, are many who beat. Now I personally understand that the CPPCC member actually said it well. In recent years, my physical condition is somewhat poor. Because people often say that it is expensive to see a doctor, I often practice medicine by myself when I have headache and fever, and go to the pharmacy to buy two pills of medicine, but usually I don’t go to the hospital. However, the personal experience of going to the hospital twice in the past really changed the previous old concept. One day at the end of last year, I felt a little uncomfortable and went to the bathroom. Bad, diarrhea, her inability shall ask off rest. I went back to the dormitory and lay down. I wanted to have a rest and it would be fine. The disappointing gastrointestinal system was against me, forcing me to go to the bathroom one after another. Taking some medicine was of no help, I had to go to a nearby community service station for medical treatment. After entering the consulting room, it will be my turn in about three or four minutes. What’s the situation? I replied that I had diarrhea, about once every half hour, four or five times already. Drips!, the doctor said and knocked a few times on the computer keyboard to pay! I quickly added to the doctor: doctor, I have chest tightness, urgent breathing, and my whole body is sore and soft. The doctor stretched out his hand and gave my right hand and left hand two or three seconds respectively. Then he listened to the right, middle and left sides of my chest with a stethoscope for a while. The whole process was only ten seconds, doctor said nothing! Therefore, I was relieved to pay 79.73 yuan, waiting for the injection. Here, I truly realized that it was not difficult to see a doctor. It only took a few minutes to queue up and only a few minutes to see a doctor; It was not expensive to see a doctor, and the injection and medicine were less than 80 yuan. One night at the beginning of this year, I was working overtime, with severe stomachache and no medicine at hand, so I had to go to the nearby hospital for emergency treatment. After the doctor’s simple inquiry and auscultation, he will write a prescription, fill in the medical record and pay the fee. Soon, my stomachache improved a lot. I left this hospital when I was sure there was no big deal. Before leaving, doctors and nurses told me that there might be dry mouth, so drink more boiled water. In fact, this visit only cost dozens of yuan. In less than twenty minutes, I gradually felt dry mouth and became more and more severe. I had to drink saliva in about half a minute, which lasted for nearly two hours. When I got up the next day, my eyes seemed to be stuck with a translucent film. It was very hazy to see people. The words on books and newspapers were all black spots. I thought that I didn’t sleep well, so I asked for leave to rest. In the afternoon, it was still the same, so I had to call the doctor who treated me last night. The doctor said it was likely to be the side effect caused by the injection of atropin, and the symptoms would be relieved after the drug ingredients were completely excluded from the body, wait. As the doctor said, the next day, my eyes were as clear as before. A friend told me that in today’s developed capitalist countries, some people are ill. If their family members don’t take them to the hospital, it would be a crime and they will go to jail. If they don’t take their children to the hospital, they will go to prison, these so-called democratic liberalists always advocate freedom, But when I was sick, I didn’t have the freedom to go to the hospital. It was terrible. That friend’s elder brother encountered this kind of headache in a Western developed country. Because he was an illegal immigrant, he was particularly afraid of the government’s discovery, so he wanted to have a baby at home, but it was such a private affair at home, was neighbor report, soon came dozens of military medical and nurse, with 2 military helicopters, less than 1 minutes to come to his home, family was sent to hospital. Not only for the whole family to eat and drink for free, but also for the milk powder. The children are their own. Why do they need them to feed them? The free country even has no freedom to raise their own children. My friend also said that after the child came home, there were so many doctors coming home every few days to help him, to give the child a physical examination, and to evaluate the child’s growth environment, he also threatened that if he didn’t feed his child well, he would go to jail and confiscate the child, etc. It was really sad that his child could not be fed according to his own wishes. Therefore, it is better for our country. At least it is not so difficult to see a doctor and give birth to a child. You can go to a doctor wherever you want. You can go to a big hospital, a small hospital or even a qualified small clinic, this is very convenient and free. Now it seems that since the implementation of the new health care reform in our country, it is indeed convenient for people to see a doctor. And I also personally understand the benefits brought by this policy of benefiting the country and the people. It is not difficult or expensive to see a doctor. [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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