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[Introduction] more public concern, so social atmosphere, may the next generation caused bad effect. Ms. Tang is a primary school teacher, she encountered a similar problem, old man fell down? I teach students to don’t forward arm, must alarm. You will do good? Encountered elderly and children fall and you will pick him up? If this last century six 1970s, who will make sure of the answer, and put into action, also will produce generous returns Lei Feng, moral Noble. Instead, if you save, that causes immediate outrage, let you embarrassment to the former. Passing of night, into civilization of the new century, has undergone a reversal. 1.2006 years 11 yue 20 ri, Nanjing youth Peng Yu at the bus stop lift fell of old lady Xu, and sent her to hospital inspection. Don’t want to, old lady Xu and that her family tibial fractures, cost several million medicine time-consuming, and she insisted that is Peng Yu hit someone, to his medical expenses and. Was rejected, old lady Xu to court, requirements Peng Yu compensation for the loss of more than 130,000 yuan. Court trial Peng Yu compensation 45876 yuan, 10 ri in payment. Peng Yu refuses, appeal. Finally, the two sides reconciliation. 2.2006 years 11 yue day, Shandong Pingyin county villagers Ding cycle along 220 country roads, in case of Wang ride motorcycle from behind coming. Wang said, when he rode his bike beyond Ding about 5 m, out the rear view found Ding fall, cut back, and dialed 120. Which know, later ding him to court, said it was his motorcycle will own gua shang, requirements compensation. Lack of evidence, court rejected Ding of litigation request. 3.2007 years 2 yue 22 ri morning, Nanjing, a 75-year-old old man from bus back door fall to the ground. However, in old man get up again, behind the passengers but just watching you. Old man suddenly understand what meaning, shouting is myself fall, all this to come forward rescue. 4.2007 years 11 yue, a seven year old lady fall in qin hong xiao qu Suguo supermarket on the opposite sidewalk, although the road pedestrian flow passed her, but before and after five or six minutes time, always there no one with a old lady lend a helping hand. Until the old lady’s niece arrived, three-breasted acquaintances, old lady that was helped home, and. 5.2008 years 2 yue 16 ri, a nine year old collapsed on the liberation of South, on the pavement. However, 20 fen zhong, passers without dare forward arm, a concerned citizen finally called seven or eight bystanders witness after, dare call alarm. 6.2009 years 5 yue 20 ri, Nanjing University students up a be bicycle knocked to women after, but being bite requirements claim. 7.2009.11.14, Wanzhou District Water middle school students Wanxin, fair-way up 1 had fallen granny. Unexpectedly, elderly and their children actually said he is perpetrators, 2010 nian 3 yue 11 ri, old man will Wanxin Sue Wanzhou District People’s Court, demand to be compensation for medical expenses, nursing fees, hospital food allowances, nutritional costs total 30483.5 yuan. For lack of evidence, Court of First Instance dismissed the old man’s litigation request, elderly and their children appeal to city Second Intermediate People’s Court. Opening day, old man offered to lawsuit against. Although win the case, after 1 years, do good Wanxin not out of the shadows. Has always been honest to his being past more dull, results plummet in. 8.2010 years 11 yue 15 ri afternoon, Hebei Handan a seven year old man fall in lian fang way, in for one half hour in line people blind eye. Through here taxi driver Wang Tiejun will rescued by the old man, old man said the first sentence is: Thank you, don’t worry, I won’t correct! These do good, some good to do what, bedding the medical expenses, pay the lost wages transportation, even disability benefits, some in electronic eye, witness the evidence in, was acquitted be rehabilitated, But all jittery. Media repeatedly reported back to bite us case, face I am own fell, I won’t correct begging and indifferent, let a person cannot by acting quickly. Is expert’s weapon also pale. Expert advice: to avoid good finish when defendant, public saving lives note the following when you: have witnesses, best call on a two helpers, go to help others. Also-shout someone falls (injured), remind others attention. First time alarm, waiting for rescue, timely formation evidence. Expert advice is good, problem is many accidents sudden urgent, sometimes is one-on-one, called who help, shout to who listen. If in the presence of a witness can be save, in monitoring the-rescue. Do good to back find of the chain of evidence burden, which just happen to save trouble, full holding of thought, even someone kind reminder: Don’t reach him beware rely on you, then regret all too late. A network this phenomenon investigation, survey data seem sometimes conflicts. Face old man fell down whether should the issue to go, 63% of netizens think should. But, if really encountered such a situation, only 7% of netizens said will help. 63% of should and 7% of will, obviously there to thwart public concepts into action. Reasons for this phenomenon, citizens given three explanations, 5% of citizens believed is not curious, 15% of the population is of lack of heroic courage. 80% of voters answer heartbreaking can’t help, afraid of getting into trouble. Have this reporter interviewed a number of citizens. Most people said, should Tube, is moral angle consideration. If help, was a reality consideration. In case an unreasonable old man, kind not only cannot pay, also will trouble. More public concern, so social atmosphere, may the next generation caused bad effect. Ms. Tang is a primary school teacher, she encountered a similar problem, old man fell down? I teach students to don’t forward arm, must alarm. Soup women’s cudgel thinking add this reason, I tell students, in case old man fell broken, rashly up may let injury, cannot disservice. She smiles sadly told reporters, this is a happy medium, one hand she don’t want children in trouble and, on the other hand, hope your child does something enthusiasm by setback. Courageous, helping others is a virtue,-various lessons and had to let people think twice, now social atmosphere in the end how? You will do good? [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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