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The fallen leaves in 2011-11-07 have been flooding everywhere, and many people who are not satisfied with the present situation have decided to float. The pencil is resting at a corner of the table. I occupy a corner in front of the window and look at the sinking night outside, floating, after all, it is only temporary, and one day it will return to its original place. What are you still looking forward! So I don’t want to sleep quietly in the embrace of the Earth. Picking up one, two, and three, he saw a feeling that could not be told. He said that he didn’t want anyone to know this kind of faint sadness. What is the main influence of people’s emotions? I am not sure, maybe it is due to simple physiological factors, or by someone, something, or learning to be Baidu, giving such an explanation: 1: biological clock, 2: changes in nature, 3: color stimulation, 4: bad living habits, 5: women’s menstruation. One, two, three, all occupied. Okay! I get it! This is a season that is easy to learn to forget, just like fallen leaves rising in the wind. Floating, floating, one day will float to a place where nobody cares, like this, quiet, there is no relief of regret and concern. “Dancetothedeath”, such quiet pure music, tells a deep feeling that you can’t understand. Everyone can write lyrics at will without constraints or restrictions, you are the freest individual in the world. Da,da’s vigorous footsteps are approaching. You can see a gentleman in a white suit with his hands flying on the keys. You can see that cherry blossoms all over the sky dance with the wind, each beat is a unique and indispensable rhythm of life. A song ends, and cherry blossoms stand quietly in the air for meditation, but the end is not the final end. You said want to cry to play, very thought write. When the mood comes, you don’t have to be too quiet. What you have to do is so clear that you can’t be sad or abandon yourself. Of course, you can’t doubt yourself, everything is extremely beautiful before you go to the best end. Believe that this interpretation is given to you at the beginning of your life to make you understand that this is the reality, this is the ending, and this is the price for all the sudden enlightenment. Turning around, the pencil fell to the ground. The dazzling white floor scratched a deep scar, bent down, picked it up gently, stroked and told you that there was still 7cm of life, the yellow pencil sharpener slided slowly. I saw the moment of your life slip away bit by bit. I just wanted to comfort you. These were nothing. I thought it would leave a pain that could not be erased for a lifetime. I approached and wiped it with my finger, leaving a black mark on the tip of the food. It turned out that everything was just an illusion of sadness, floor, no pain, pencil, senseless sacrifices. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream 2011-11-08 send a text message to my friend. Only six words, bachelor, wish you happiness. After thinking for a while, I also replied eight words. Only when you are happy Can everyone be happy. Six and Eight, figure Geely. 2011-11-09 has passed through the youth and youth, and the youth has faded, leaving poetry wandering. Forward, backward, self-made tune, staged a silent film. On the first page of the story, the ending is written. Black and White are still teasing each other. Singles Day is coming! What are you waiting? At 6:33 on 2011-11-10, we really had a tacit understanding when thinking about it. I ignored you and you ignored me. In 2011-11-11, bachelors were all looking for a grandiose reason for themselves to come to this great festival. We are all worthy of having this festival which is not seen in five hundred years or going to the cinema with friends in restaurants. Those lovers are the ones who really regret, because no matter one year, two years or ten years, after two or ten years, they can’t proudly say that 2011-11-11, the Singles Day which is not seen in five hundred years I am a real bachelor. The climax of the festival has come. Raise the glass in your hand. Cheers! Later, Rose man stood downstairs on our No. 3 for so long, waiting for countless onlookers. The heroine came to manyan in the final crowd for a long time, but unfortunately, the ending seemed to have been written on the heroine’s straight face without any expression. Pity in fact, what everyone wanted to see was that the heroine took the rose gracefully and hugged the hero in the applause of the crowd,. Then, move towards happiness. Unfortunately, it seems that such an ending is destined to only appear in movies and novels, or in the minds of our irrelevant people. Lamenting, the hero failed to strip off! The follow-up “II” decided to expose the activity tonight in view of the requirements of all roommates. I went outside for dinner at six o’clock in the afternoon and settled it in the dormitory with cakes when I came back. All roommates were solving it at this time, my piece is still on the table, so I can’t eat it. Now I’m discussing about a different pattern. So-and-so said it would be a big change in three years. So-and-so always wanted to drink, still complaining that I didn’t drink with others. I said I had to eat, so-and-so was still unhappy, and said that I just wanted to get drunk, if you see it, remember to let this person drink. You can really drink it!! Now there are people outside who are expressing themselves loudly. They all say that there are many beautiful women in Building 3, but now they think it’s really true. Some people are calling Bai Suzhen, I love you, I am Fahai is really, not a little High. When I came back from the library at five o’clock in the afternoon, I found that there were really few library people!! Similar to last year’s Christmas Eve!! It seems that the God stick festival is very popular!! Happy happy. In fact, one of the happiest things we have recognized today is the business and business courtship door, which is none of our business. However, we still feel excited. Although we deeply sympathize with this man, but I still think this is a relatively interesting thing in this semester. Several of them were so happy that they couldn’t sleep in the afternoon. I sent a text message to XN in the evening, asking her how to spend the festival. I haven’t returned my text message yet. I guess I went out for dinner! Well! Happy single, happy holidays! 2011-11-11 in Hebei Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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