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[Introduction]: So the two began to clean up the boring process in order to find a small supermarket. Finally, I went through two streets and found a small supermarket in a small hutong, and bought a pack of tissue paper. Along the way we came, we went to Ginza to find the bathroom as usual. At noon, I came out from the students’ home after finishing my tutor. The sky is still gloomy. I feel so fresh when I absorb the cool air into my lungs. It should be called early spring, but such a long winter always makes people unable to get used to it. The friend I had made an appointment didn’t come, so I had to go shopping with another friend for a while. Just after a light rain, maybe it is mixed with a little learning. Standing on the side of the road, I ignored the exhaust from the coming and going of the car, and took a few breaths, which eased my sleepiness slightly. Calling his friend’s cell phone, he said he was on the opposite side of the road. He hung up his cell phone and really saw his chubby body appear on the opposite side of the road. I couldn’t help laughing, still giggling as usual. Such a person who had nothing to do also found another person who had nothing to do. You can imagine the next boredom. My friend spoke first: accompany me to the pit! I also said unambiguously, OK, and then they were worried about the lack of toilet paper. So the two began to clean up the boring process in order to find a small supermarket. Finally, I went through two streets and found a small supermarket in a small hutong, and bought a pack of tissue paper. Along the way we came, we went to Ginza to find the bathroom as usual. After a few steps, a supermarket with striking signs magically appeared in front of two round eyes. My friend said in surprise, “Damn it, just opened? Speechless to right. When I came to Ginza slowly, my friend ran directly to the bathroom on the second floor, which was a very hidden corner. Oh, I forgot to say that my friend works part-time in Ginza. Walking into the bathroom, I said, I will not accompany you to squat, wait for you outside. Walking out of the bathroom, I suddenly felt so tired that I squatted on the chair outside. Thinking of the guy who stood me up, I came to fire. Calling him, he still talked as before, with a mouthful of roasted sweet potato in his mouth. He didn’t understand three of the five sentences, so he simply hung up. Anyway, that meant he wouldn’t come today. Next, I unconsciously looked at the customers coming and going, the old men and the young women, feeling very wonderful. I imagined who would come next, but the result was always unexpected. Clothes, lights, music, everyone passing by seems to be someone’s director. See a line of words on the fitting room, shop in Ginza and enjoy life. Is this the so-called life? Oh, maybe I am not, because I am not here for shopping! I hurried through several ideas in my mind, and finally gave up the effort to define life, because at this time I had realized the passing of time again, after about ten minutes, my friend hasn’t come out yet. Did he not come out, or did he also stand me up when I was in a daze? However, I am squatted at the door and guarded the bathroom. He had no reason to slip away under my eyes. At this time, I recalled why in some TV plays, the escaped escaped escaped easily in front of the distracted prison guards, and why Zhu Bajie made the female demon slip away easily under the iron rake. When I was about to go back to the bathroom, my friend came out. Damn it, I had a bad belly! I still laughed foolishly. Where shall we go? He answered immediately and went to buy some pancake fruit to eat! His immediate answer made me have no room to think, OK! However, after a few steps, this buddy just said that he had a bad belly! Life is really a little confusing, especially in a state called boredom. On the way, there was a match between the ground and the ground. Mixed in the crowd, that kind of thinking about life disappeared. Is it because of going to spend money? When I bought pancake fruit, the question of where to go appeared again, I ‘d better go to the computer! My proposal is also meaningless. I just bought a computer, so this is a meaningless proposal. My friend took the pancake fruit and turned round and round. The elevator reached the fourth floor in a hovering state. Most of the pancake fruit had been solved. Just arrived at the fourth floor, all kinds of computers were placed in front of us. After a glance, I had already read all of them before long. At this time, the pancake fruit was lying in the trash with ease. Still, people come and go, computers, lights, counters, New Year music. I can’t tell whether it is noisy or quiet. My ears are numb here. Suddenly I felt tired when walking. We squatted down, and we squatted on a pair of sofas in the middle of SONY HD TV. Without a salesperson, more than a dozen televisions played the same picture, maybe there was a sound, maybe there was no sound. Want and listen, play the same role here. Silently! As time goes by in the neat picture transformation, we are also judging why the red color presented by TV of the same brand is deep or shallow. All kinds of reasons for calling it the reason. Finally, there was no conclusion, as if things should have been like this. The squatting ass always didn’t want to get up. After struggling for several times, we finally changed to a TV house of another domestic brand at the end of the DVD. It seems that it is not as good as foreign ones! So this topic dominated our next conversation, but our conclusion was beyond their expectation. We should still support domestic products. In the future, we must buy this kind of domestic products instead of SONY. Shop in Ginza and enjoy life. I didn’t find the feeling of enjoying life. I was tired, so I decided to go home. When I opened the door of Ginza, I clearly felt the coolness in the air again. In fact, sometimes we forget to say goodbye when we are separated from our friends. That’s me. Waiting always makes people anxious or bored. Waiting for the bus is even more so, but this time also adds a feeling: cold. A fully loaded car was parked in front of me. I didn’t choose to squeeze it up, because I turned my sight to a girl who climbed the handrail across the road, not because she was so attractive, I am want to see if there is a car suddenly passing by helping the girl. As a result, I was very disappointed. She got on the bus and disappeared. However, in a few seconds, I waited for several players to take part in the hurdles competition. Their luck was better than Liu Xiang’s, and they all crossed luckily. But this is a time when I really have no mood to wait here. Therefore, I decided to travel to a city. Carrying a small bag, there was indeed only a book in it, walking on the road paved with square bricks like a student. The dull buildings on both sides, the endless traffic on the road and the locust tree standing by the road were surprisingly quiet in this cloudy weather. The gray sky, perhaps the gray component accounts for the majority, wrapping everything tightly. Taking a sip of air, I seemed to see the light rain in the morning and the accumulated water on the bluish gray stone road. Walking, I feel tired and sleepy. So I went to the blind Road instead. The feet feel the hardness of bulges one by one. I feel more secure. I closed my eyes and opened it again, but I still didn’t fully believe that it was safe to walk on the blind Road. I closed my eyes again, walked for a while, and opened it again. As expected, I installed a car parked on the pedestrian street, and I was very lucky that I didn’t knock it. I dare not imagine what I should do after the crash, whether to run away or wait for explanation. Unlike usual, I stopped the bus in a place without a stop sign, and the driver opened the door unexpectedly and let me in. It’s a long way to go. Close my eyes, I think of you. [Responsible editor: Leaves]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. 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