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[Introduction] She is the 2010 I am looking for. Prepare the paper quickly. It is our wedding bed. I want to invite her out. Today, she is going to marry me with her dignity and wisdom! Avatar, why did you close the door again. I pressed the doorbell desperately. ◎ parting. Parting means cutting from the past and yesterday; Leaving all the precious and familiar things that cannot be taken away. Including the perception of the body and the surrounding environment. Parting is not only a verb, but also a noun. It may be a verb. The ancients said: life is at most separation. There is no endless feast in the world. ◎ Beijing-Guangzhou line. They were originally two iron peels; They crossed fields, rivers, valleys and cities, and the limited extension of railway lines. They surpass themselves in constant extension, and also lose themselves in Transcendence. No one can tell clearly the biggest root of separation invented by human beings and created in life. ◎ Sun. The Sun sent the Heat to the South as well as the North; Its enthusiasm was reflected in the temperature, and there was never selfishness. Some people say that the South is warmer than the North. In fact, in hot summer days, when you walk in the sun, you will be sweating like a pig, even sleepy in the embrace of the sun. If you don’t see it, the Sun’s mind is as broad as the sea; It presents its infinite energy to all things, and in its eyes, there is never any difference between height and low. If the human mind is as broad as it, maybe our paradise is just around the corner. The society no longer needs any so-called ruling party or opposition party. All the rules and regulations, including laws and regulations, can be eliminated. The sins in the world disappeared like boiling soup and snow. ◎ train. Train is a house that can run. Its appearance makes people sit at home or lie in bed and walk across the county, enjoying the scenery along the way. It can’t be said that it is a kind of transcendence to predecessors and one of the quick tools for people to travel conveniently. ◎ in the morning, before dawn, I walked through the silent street and ran to Avatar’s residence. On the way, my hurried footsteps woke up the birds in the nest. They stretched out their heads uneasily, so I had to send a kiss apologetically. Finally arrived downstairs. I asked avatar to open the door quickly. I brought my confidante here, hurry up! The door opened, Avatar asked, Nobilia, where is your confidante? My confidante is in my mind. She is the 2010 I am looking for. Prepare the paper quickly. It is our wedding bed. I want to invite her out. Today, she is going to marry me with her dignity and wisdom! Avatar, why did you close the door again. I pressed the doorbell desperately. Suddenly, I found that it turned out to be the milk bean of a big leaf poplar in the wrong place. ◎ that broken big leaf poplar. Maybe it has stood there for five or ten years, or even longer. It has grown from a seedling to a towering tree. It stands in the daytime and at night; It also stands in spring and autumn; It also stands in the wind and rain, and I don’t know how many day and night alternation; I don’t know how many four seasons reincarnation. One day, it finally stood in a charming scenery, guarding the blue sky side by side with its companions. Soon, on a rainy night with thunder and electricity, it was unfortunately hit by thunder and lightning, and the hateful mountain wind also took advantage of the fire. It couldn’t resist the invasion of these two demons. The wind folded down the tall canopy and walked with the leaves cheering all the way, leaving half of the stumps standing on the open wilderness. Now you see, it draws new branches and leaves from its body. Although the devil is terrible, what is terrible is losing the courage to live and our persistence in life, which is the brilliance of our humanity. ◎ lighting, in snow village, besides lighting up the way to go to the toilet by snow in winter, what is more important is the plane. Although the road to toilet is only 10 meters and 20 meters. In Beijing sixth ring road, we are always afraid of this and that. However, in Xuecun, we have reason not to be afraid. Because on the short road, there were at least three or four landing planes shedding the light. Maybe now it seems luxurious enough. The plane helped us drive away loneliness and fear. This was not a joke, but a photo. There was no exaggeration at all, because who let us live in Snow Village! ◎ dust. A grain of dust with good texture flew into our eyes. Its spicy taste makes our eyes swollen and painful. It used to be clean. Since our desire became more and more unsatisfied, we always did something against common sense, making dust complicated, it can’t even recognize who its father and mother are. Do we have any reason to blame a tiny dust? Moreover, one day, we will also release into countless dust and wander in the wind. ◎ Xuecun. The simple snow village is as cute and ridiculous as a tie on the neck of a farmer with bare feet. The excrement in the toilet is directly discharged into the ditch without any treatment. I was shocked by its straightness. The tall willows and dense broad-leaf poplars are swaying in the wind, which also gives you a fairytale artistic conception, making your heart have no love for it, and you cannot hate it. Because snow village is someone else’s snow village, you are just a passer. ◎ weeping willows on the shore. The Willow of Ana is really beautiful from a distance. You seem to walk into the painting. If you walk closer, the branches of the weeping willows are covered with green flies, just like a woman’s hair becomes the habitat of lice. Maybe you only have to be disgusted. When the wind drains the stench in the pit into your nostrils, a word will surely flash out of your mind to escape. However, why are the pedestrians in the street so woven that no one wants to escape? 2010-9-1 [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. 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