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Sitting on the bus to the south, I felt much depressed. The original passion had already been diluted between giving up and insisting again and again …… life is always full of many helpless choices, maybe I was too impulsive at the beginning! I didn’t know how long I stayed in my own space, lookingRead More



2010 nian 3 yue 28 ri afternoon is 3:00 hours, now I showed in Xingyang high school Excellent Student Parent, venue second floor large Reading Room. Both sides of the reading room are lined up, and the check-in of each class is arranged. After signing in, a small volunteer led me to an empty seatRead More


New Year’s Day

[Introduction] I deliberately found an ideal with sufficient reasons for myself to cheer for my life. This ideal does not need to be said, but it can be permanently treasured in my heart, until one day it becomes a reality in life. Today is New Year’s Day. The old year has passed and the newRead More