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[Editor’s note] Prose online is the harbor of our hearts! Our post station for writing! We have gone through the road we should take, and we are heading for the future together! On the joyous day of the first anniversary of prose online, let our editors present our heartfelt wishes. At the same time, we also hope that friends who love prose online can also express their feelings and feelings about prose online, and the love given! We wish: next year, the year after tomorrow, and for several years, we will still hold hands hand in hand, side by side, and spend year after year in prose online. [Easy to get along with recommended appreciation]] On September 16th, I came home after class. After dinner, I turned on the prose online on the computer as usual, but when I opened the online website as usual, but there is a strange feeling. This feeling is like entering the house and finding that although the furniture is familiar, it is not in the original position. Is it the online revision of prose? Let me take a closer look at the members who have recently logged in, and they are all unfamiliar faces. The familiar faces in the past are gone one by one! So I sighed in my heart: I was not at home for only one day, and so many new members came to my family at once. It seemed that I was a newcomer! In desperation, I wanted to open my bedroom door to enter my own space, but found that no matter how I entered the password, I couldn’t open the password lock and couldn’t enter my space. Finished! It must be because I didn’t pay the rent recently (didn’t send an article) and was kicked out! Shame and regret hit My Heart at the same time. I leaned against the wall in desperation, looking around this home reluctantly, but surprisingly found that it was not my home at all but the home of my neighbor (China Literature Network)! I was not driven out of the house! I have home! I want to go back to my own home! I quickly closed the door and came out, but I turned around and was dumbfounded: Yes! This is my own home! Therefore, I took out the key carefully again and opened the door to go in. It was still the strange home before. I don’t believe in my eyes, so many times, I have never been able to enter my home. What’s going on? Prose moved online? Have you exchanged space with Chinese literature websites? Can’t! No one said hello first! Besides, it is only one day, how can we move so fast? I searched for messages everywhere and wanted to find the information about the new home of prose online, but I couldn’t find it at all. All of a sudden, I felt a kind of loss, helplessness and panic that I had never found a home before. I hurriedly opened the online QQ group consultation of prose, and then I learned from the webmaster man tree who still stuck to the Post that there was only a problem when the website server was converted, and it would be fine after a while. Thank God! I will be back to my home soon! It was the feeling that I couldn’t find a home that made me realize strongly that I didn’t know when I had taken prose online as my own home and spiritual home. In fact, in retrospect, my relationship with prose online was very accidental. One day in May this year, when I was idle and bored, I accidentally entered the NetEase Women’s Forum and saw many people boasting and missing how good their mother was to themselves, on the other hand, I complained that my mother-in-law didn’t regard herself as a daughter, so I abused or even cursed her, and it was Mother’s Day, so I felt it, I wrote “My mother-in-law, my mother” and sent it to the forum. This is my first post, I don’t want to get a lot of praise. Encouraged, I wanted to send it to the formal literature website. I entered the prose website in Baidu, so I found the prose online and other literature websites. After a rough comparison of several similar websites, I was attracted by the grassroots and originality of prose online, and I also saw the announcement about the essay collection on Mother’s Day and Dragon Boat Festival in the station, so I registered and logged in overnight and posted the article “My mother-in-law and my mother”. I didn’t want to find that my article suddenly appeared in the recommended article area after opening the website the next day, I was greatly encouraged by this, and then I wrote a short essay named “transposition thinking, stay away from troubles”, which was recommended by the editor, this once again stimulated my enthusiasm for writing, so I published several essays in a row. However, before long, prose was revised online, and my original account could not be logged in. I felt very disappointed in my heart. I was once too troublesome and hesitated whether to enter this home again. But in the end, I still couldn’t stand the temptation to re-register as an online member and re-submit the previous articles one by one. I didn’t expect that the revised prose would be reviewed faster online, and it was equipped with beautiful pictures and beautiful music, which made me feel more and more that prose online has become our comfortable and warm home, since then, I have been more diligent in writing. After the launch of the Father’s Day essay activity on the website, I responded more positively and wrote two articles, my carpenter father and Mr. Dad, however, these two articles were unexpectedly shortlisted for the essay work later, which made me feel more happy. However, what surprised me more was that I unexpectedly became one of the recommended authors, but I felt deeply uneasy and ashamed about it: Let alone that the quality of my articles is far from that of Dielianhua, gifted scholar articles and so on. Just speaking of the number of articles, I cannot meet the requirements (less than 10 articles were recommended, later, I rushed a few more articles, only to reach half of the required ones). How can we make up for the editor’s love and expectation? Therefore, no matter how busy I am or how tired I am after work, I will go back to this home as long as I have some spare time. It seems that as long as you read the exquisite articles on prose online, this day can begin in a relaxed and comfortable way; It also seems that only by reading the exquisite articles on prose online can this day be spent perfectly. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the first thing I do after starting up and the last thing I do before turning off are to open the internet to see new news from newcomers. Sometimes I clicked on the articles that I was interested in before I could log in to enjoy them. I didn’t find myself as a tourist until I wrote comments, so I quickly added my name to the comments to show my respect for the author. Although I am not a commentator, as long as I have enough time, I will try my best to leave a wild goose and leave a name. In order to write comments well, sometimes I spend more time on writing comments than reading articles, hoping to train my writing ability by carefully exercising my wording to make comments as accurate as possible; sometimes, I exercise my appreciation ability by repeatedly learning and appreciating others’ articles and summarizing their characteristics in terms of content or writing. However, due to the increasing popularity of online, more and more members have entered online, and the number of articles published online every day has also soared (now there are more than 8000 articles in total, which shows the hard work of editors, commentators and administrators), therefore, it is inevitable that we cannot appreciate and comment all the beautiful articles. Therefore, I hope that all literary friends can see it and give rewards while giving comments, so that the home we live in will not be deserted due to the lack of reclamation and sowing, and the lack of irrigation and fertilization. Recently, it was found that the online works written by prose authors suddenly became more and more. At the beginning, it was unknown, and later it was known that it was because of the anniversary of the online establishment of prose. I didn’t write a composition as early as possible because I had been attached to online for less than half a year and didn’t know the history of online. Fortunately, it was not too late. When I came home last night, I saw the easy-to-get-along arm shouting, how could I fall behind again, so I didn’t care about the tiredness (I went out at six in the morning, had a whole day’s class, and, till the early morning of this morning, I recorded every bit of my co-growth with prose online over the past six months. On the one hand, I shared with all the literary friends online, and on the other hand, I made a memorial to the founding anniversary of prose online. [Responsible editor: easy to get along with]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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