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Yesterday was a few days before his son’s 9th birthday. He saw a dish called beer fish on TV and asked me to get it for him to eat. I have never seen how to make it, so I did it in the way of making beer duck. I tasted it after I finished it, it’s OK. I didn’t expect that he looked at it and smelt it a little bit, but it was not good-looking, and it was not done in this way. If you want to finish it, it would not look good if you cut it, and it was not too big or too small, just a plate, I haven’t eaten it since then. Fortunately, I’m a little sorry to say that I like to eat others. My husband was impatient and forced him to eat, so the more he didn’t want to eat. Sometimes on Sunday, he himself also learned to do it on TV, and he also talked about color and fragrance, which made the kitchen messy. It was really annoying. My son is indeed a headache. When I was a child, my mother said it was harder to take one of them than to take three of them. I think it is not too late, and there is something else. Some people thought that we were used to him. In fact, he didn’t know how many hits he had received. After several hits, my arm would hurt for several days; I didn’t know how many good or bad words he had said. I really have no choice but to take care of him. If there is a guest having dinner, he will turn around the table with a glass of wine. This uncle and the Empress, I propose a toast to you. Teach him a lesson when there is no one, and play again next time. It is not only big, but also cool. When washing face, he always winks and glances at the mirror, pointing at him in the mirror and saying, “Hey, Shuai SA sometimes touches his hair up and takes a few steps to make a pose after learning from a model, then I asked you how cool I am. I only wear an underwear, a coat, a pair of pants and no socks in cold days. Tell him to wear more, not to catch a cold. He said it was uncomfortable to wear too much, and it was not good-looking at all. And I always wear whatever I want from childhood. It was easy to say that he didn’t listen to beating him. He put it on unconvinced and took it off quietly before he went to school. Take him to the famous mountain to play this Spring Festival. At the gate of each Hall, someone specially gave tourists a column of incense to burn incense and donate money. At first, I also kneeled on my knees like others, wishing and donating money. But he made trouble, pulling me up, Mom, this is a lie, these seems to be fake, the money donated to them is not better to give me when he is around to make trouble, the people behind were impatient and told him not to be naughty. Two women kindly reminded children that they were not sensible. Don’t talk nonsense. Unexpectedly, a man shouted, “Stop it, we were all waiting. I was embarrassed to drag my son away because of his naughty skin. Later, we didn’t donate money to a scenic spot. Those monks dressed up unexpectedly held my companions aside. Later, we saw that my companions were not the idle people, so we were released. Finally we arrived at the Guiguang Palace, and there were no people who sent incense candles or people who asked us to donate money. Walking in front of the goddess of Avalokitesvara, a companion asked her son to worship Avalokitesvara, saying that the Lotus in the lotus pond would open after kneeling down, and coaxed him to say that Avalokitesvara was to save the sufferings. Then her son really knelt down, but the Lotus did not bloom. I looked at the introduction of the scenic spot, and it should be opened indeed. Maybe it was because of the free visit that day that the so-called organ was not opened. His son had to kneel down even if he wanted my son, so I asked him to kneel down. He refused and admitted to donate money. I saw him bent down with one yuan and put it in. After a while, he slowly took out his hand and held his fist. With a smiling face, he asked him to spread out his hand. Not only did he not put it in, but he caught some out. I ordered him to put it in, but he said Avalokitesvara was to save the misery. Now I have no money to use. She should save me or put the money back. I had played enough. When I was ready to come back, he either didn’t leave or ran around because of a little thing that didn’t follow him. We had to follow him and found it for a while and then disappeared, the crowd is really enough for you to find. Everyone was exhausted and finally took him home. But he was reasonable, saying that he would not be happy every time he went out to play. It is true that every time I come back unhappily, I don’t know whether he is unhappy or I am unhappy! Last night, I repeated that sentence again, son. Today, you are one year older. You should be obedient. But he pretended not to hear it and ignored me. Hey! 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