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Air Cushion

[Introduction] miracles are created by human beings. In the rapid development of modern science and technology, there is no idea that cannot be realized. I believe that in the near future, real air cushion cars will come out, the traffic of the city will get a real sense of relaxation. I remember that I saw a film when I was young, and now I can’t recall what it was called. I only remember that there was such a plot: a hovercraft drove from the water to the land, it can pass through any obstacle without hindrance, while those cars, houses and so on are unscathed and still the same as before. At that time, I thought that if cars were equipped with such air cushion, you can run around the mountain and down the mountain without being confined to any roads. Even if you hit someone, there will be no bleeding. That would be great. I remember that when I was still working in the countryside that year, I didn’t know which magazine to read such a message: the police in Singapore were equipped with air-cushioned police cars, the car can use the air cushion generated by the car when there are obstacles to help the car easily cross the obstacles, especially when there is traffic jam on the road, it can fly directly from the car in front of it. Compared with helicopters, this kind of car is the most effective for chasing criminals who drive away. It is said that when the Singapore police sent out the police, they did not call for emergency departure, but for emergency takeoff. However, when I searched online today, I couldn’t find this information. I don’t know if it was a science fiction information of that year. Let alone whether this message is true or not, even if it is a science fiction work, its idea is much closer to our current life. After all, after all, it is impossible for an air cushion car to add a layer of inflatable things like rubber underneath it like a Air Cushion boat. The real air cushion car should complete the actions that normal cars cannot complete with the help of gas. With the continuous improvement of human living standards, the continuous innovation and development of science and technology, and the continuous popularization of various means of transportation such as automobiles, the pattern of urban development will change greatly in the future world. The scale of the city will be bigger and bigger, and there will be high-rise buildings with scales everywhere. The traffic of the city roads will interweave into a huge network, connecting the city into a network. People living in the network of the city will deal with cars and roads every day. Traffic jam has become a common thing for people, accidents have become a common occurrence in cities, and safety issues have become the most concerned issue in modern society. How to reduce and avoid accidents has also become a hot topic in modern society. Of course, only relying on traffic policemen to fill out tickets day and night by the roadside has not kept pace with the future urban development, we should start from the car itself, comprehensively consider the aspects of safety, convenience, practicability and so on, and develop and produce new automobile products. The idea of air cushion cars exactly follows the trend of future urban development. Of course, we can’t let cars fly all over the sky like what we saw in science fiction movies, but at least when there is an urgent need, the air cushion can be used to cross any obstacles, and a pair of solid wings can be inserted into the car to achieve a certain takeoff effect. Just found such a piece of information on Baidu, which is also about the problems of cities and cars in the future world. What is the future city like? According to the report of American popular science, according to the winner of the future urban design competition, in the future city, city cars will no longer use fuel oil in the traditional sense as a propelling agent, but use alternative energy sources like hydrogen, and the heavy fog in the city will be fully collected and utilized as a supplementary water source for human life, in the cities where people will live in the future, there will be many tall buildings and complicated traffic lines everywhere. The final winner of this competition was a construction firm called IwamotoScott. For this purpose, they specially designed a city underground transportation network called hydrogen network, using the principle similar to computer network Internet, the overall network adopts a distributed structure, and there is no central power station or connection hub in the network. The tunnel of the network is made of carbon nanotubes, which can store a large amount of hydrogen energy. People can drive a circling car filled with hydrogen fuel here, and can also connect the car to the tunnel wall for inflation at any time. Of course, these are just assumptions about the future urban life and traffic conditions, but it can also be seen that modern people’s worries about the future urban traffic are also future sociologists, problems that scientists must care about and solve. When the ancients saw birds, they would think of having a pair of huge wings to fly freely in the sky. Nowadays, the emergence of aircrafts such as airplanes and spacecraft has realized the desire of human beings to fly for thousands of years. The traffic congestion in modern cities has sprouted some novel ideas about future transportation tools. The demand for air cushion cars is no longer just an imaginary problem, but a modern city, the urgent need of future transportation. Miracles are created by human beings. In the rapid development of modern science and technology, there is no idea that cannot be realized. I believe that in the near future, real air cushion cars will come out, the traffic of the city will be relieved in a real sense, and the dream of taking off of ordinary people will become a reality. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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