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Remember 2

[Introduction] we used to breathe the same air and share the same spring flowers and summer rains. We went through the best time in our life together. It was our flower season and rainy season, and it was the season when we started to love each other. I. I don’t remember! In those years, it was President Tang that recommended me to be a municipal merit student. I was admitted to the undergraduate course with ten extra points in the college entrance examination. In order to protect me, you did not hesitate to expel another student. When I saw you that day, my hair was gray and my figure seemed not as tall as before. I ran to you with joy and reported my name, asking if you still remembered me. I thought you would say you remember, but you looked at it for a while and said: I don’t remember! Nowadays, many people benefit others for rewards, especially they will not forget their merits. I can’t remember this sentence, which surprised, moved and sighed with emotion. Teacher Liu, the head teacher, you drive us to run with a stick. Later, keeping exercising became my living habit, so I gained Health, and even became one of the reasons why I stayed in school when I graduated from university: excellent sports performance and competition ranking. You are simple and natural, and seldom take the initiative to contact with students, but you are thinking about every detail and everyone. When you talk about my father: he respects the people who should be respected, and thanks to the people who should be thanked. You must repay him well! The father’s love in those years emerged little by little. Teacher he, you gave us more spiritual guidance, which was exactly what we longed for at that age. You said: I should have worked harder when I knew you were so promising. Teacher, do you know that if we are not good enough, it will not be because of you! Mr. Huang, do you know that your voice is beautiful and beautiful, and your temperament is elegant and generous, which is the direction of girls’ efforts and the reference standard of Boys’ Life. You said that day: each of you is my pride. I am proud of you. Your voice has not fallen. I looked at you with my side face, and Haiying beside me was already full of tears. I think there must be someone moved to tears that afternoon. After 20 years, in my heart, the teachers are still tall and serious. During the party, I still didn’t dare to get close to me, to take photos with my teacher, or to talk casually. Looking at the white hair on the teachers’ heads, I thought I didn’t know how many of them grew for us. Thank you, teachers, for leading us to grow! Second, now you Lin, the memory you left to me has been a little vague. Today, you are generous, humorous, selfless and grateful. You invite us to gather together. Your tone is gentle, persistent and sincere, which makes people reluctant to refuse you. I have been paying attention to you all the time. You barely ate much, so you talked and drank with your classmates table by table. You were so excited and in high spirits that you were shy and speechless in those years. There is still brilliance, you must remember. I remember that you are not only eloquent, but also eloquent, making us free from boredom and loneliness on the long road from county to middle school. I still remember that the three of us spent the whole afternoon throwing stones at the lake. I still remember the song you sang: Mom discussed with dad, little baby, little sun, and I still remember the message you left to me, full of hope and instruction. I finally saw your publicity, so kind. Fine! That’s your job, you say you are a migrant worker; Carry your life to the end, that’s your spirit, you say you can’t dance, but you know melody. Little classmate, you used to be my deskmate and the person teacher Liu cared most about. That day, Mr. Liu specially asked me to take a photo with you. I was wearing high-heeled shoes, with my hands hanging down on your shoulder. Mr. Liu used to be very afraid that your score would go online, because colleges and universities at that time would not accept a disabled person. But you are super smart. Now you are doing electrical maintenance. Your technology is good and your life is not bad. I am so happy that you can come! No one can ignore your peace, magnanimity and calmness. Yi, a naughty student in those years, has now become the manager of a wedding company. When I heard you hosting the program, I was attracted by every appropriate word and sentence you said. Every syllable you said was just right, and even sigh and pause could convey many meanings. This man must be a man of temperament, sensitive and delicate. Listen, I think you are an artist. You use your voice to convey emotions and words to show wisdom. I think of a sentence: each of us has our own mission. We should discover and complete it. Three, born with a pair of good friends at that time, our grades were always ranked first and second. We never envy each other. I am good at liberal arts, and you are good at science. They just complement each other and help each other. Therefore, our grades are better, which makes those boys jump. We slept in a bed, and we watched the love letter written by the boys together. You left in the last semester. We were not used to living without each other. As a result, our grades all declined a lot. The first time I saw your mother, I blurted out and called her mother. In order to take the exam for your cousin, I left school and ran away. As a result, my teacher and my father were extremely anxious. I take you with me when I go on a date, and feel very safe. You even slapped a boy for me. Today, we took photos with Mr. Liu’s arm, like the two generals around. But we are always together, which makes Mr. Liu angry. 20 years ago, we autumn when top high tower, Liu in below waving gesture, call us down, we with pretended not to hear. Yes, we climbed too high to hear, but actually we can see clearly. Later, I also became a teacher, only to know how anxious teacher Liu should be at that time! Tonight, 20 years later, we slipped together again for another trivial matter. We are inseparable when we are together, and never separate when we are not together. Fourth, they are one of lovers. Qian’s face has no wrinkles at all when he is calm, but the lines are very clear when he smiles. I think she must have gone through 20 years with a smile. Tao, a handsome boy in those years, now presents us with a hard face, but with more maturity and confidence. Qian’s hair is still so thick, while Tao’s hair is becoming thinner and thinner. I am guess Tao’s mind like this: even if you don’t do any housework, don’t worry, even if you are heartless, as long as you are by my side, it is enough. So the pattern that should have grown on Qian’s face grew on Tao’s face. In the first two years, they were cheated a lot by the stock market, but they didn’t quarrel with each other. Instead, they were sweet comforts. Second. I chatted with Zonglin during the summer vacation and found his net name was Tintin, wondering for a long time. When they saw Zonglin and Ding together this time, they were calm and self-satisfied. They cooperated with each other with a tacit understanding, and their words were full of happiness. Ha ha, what is the true feeling in the world?! 5. I opened my eyes wide these days. I opened my eyes wide to see everyone more clearly. Every word and every movement of you were engraved in my heart. There is me in your memory, maybe that is the detail that I have already forgotten: You remember my looking back and looking back, I remember I wrapped my frostbite hands with handkerchiefs in winter, I remember looking for the lost watch when we ran together. And deep in my memory, there are Huang jingtiao used by the teacher to beat us while running, and your natural and unrestrained jumping on the court; I remember that the words you wrote have vigorous beauty, the song “The little girl picking mushrooms” you danced in high boots often echoed my ears. At that moment, I thought I was your eyes, and you were the lock that opened the door of my memory when I was young. We used to breathe the same air and share the same spring flowers and rain. We went through the best time in our life together. It was our flower season and rainy season. It was the first season of our love. Write down my speech at the party: in those years, compared with many classmates, in fact, I am more stupid and silly, so I feel more about the teacher’s love. Thank you for your education! I couldn’t sleep last night. Familiar and strange faces appeared in front of me one after another. Our past and present were intertwined. I think, no matter how much wealth we have and what kind of social status we have, please don’t forget that we were brothers and sisters who grew up together in the past! I know, I haven’t expressed my joy yet. Halfway through the party, the rain came quietly. I thought it was just a little disturbing, but it didn’t stop until the bonfire of the party was extinguished. Everyone is still not satisfied, because passion and hope have been ignited. On this rainy night, my heart came back to my heart. I, who was busy with common affairs and trifles on weekdays, unexpectedly realized the romance of flower season and rainy season. So I wrote down these words. 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