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The moment I got up, I always felt more cold than usual. I ‘d better curl up in the warm bed for a moment, and exclude the breath of winter from my sleep. When the alarm clock of the mobile phone rang harshly over and over again, he finally couldn’t bear the torture and got up and left the warm bed. This season of winter, why did it come so suddenly? I hurried to this world without any preparation. I imagined that it was still a charming autumn, but autumn had already gone, winter came naturally. With the coming of winter this season, the time of this year is coming to an end again. I asked Yaping: What year is the next year? Yaping meditated for a long time before saying: it is the Year of Dragon. The year of the Dragon is a year that people are looking forward to, but it also has inexplicable melancholy. Yaping suddenly said in awe: next year, my birth year will come; I was silent for a moment and smiled and said to her: no, it is our birth year. Then a smile. The remaining days of the year cannot be calculated by month or week, but by days. Before the coming of the year of the Dragon, there were too many expectations in my heart. The seed of Jasmine planted silently in my heart hoped to sprout quietly when the year of the Dragon came, and then grow taller. One day later, Yaping told me that she quit her job of cashier in Internet cafe. In fact, I knew she was not satisfied with this job, but I didn’t know how to respond to her for a while. The boredom at home and the boredom that I didn’t know when it would end became the complaints that I had to talk about with me. I said to her: Do you know the jasmine I planted? When it grows tall, everything will go well. I don’t know if I cheat her. She can be happy every day. Healthy life is my greatest wish. Every year, I will give myself a small gift. Although the gift is not on the table, I really feel my heart and deeply. I still remember the small gift I prepared for myself when I arrived in 2011, which I met by chance when I went to the market with my friends; A middle-aged simple man put up a small stall selling goldfish, I was immediately attracted by this cute and beautiful little guy, so I wanted to buy two back, but my friend stopped me and said, “buying one is not enough, and you can’t raise it, either, it was bleached in a few days. I still insist that they are all in groups. If they go back alone, they will be very lonely. I ‘d better buy them for two days so that I can have a companion. My friend suddenly laughed: when will you find a partner for yourself? I said: I have them, they can be with me, where can I be lonely, lonely. My friend still wanted to say something, but he wanted to say something but stopped. I had a good relationship with my friend and was tacit. It will be another year soon, Where is the gift of the year of the Dragon? Where can I find the gift for myself? When I passed by a mobile phone store, I had an impulse to be old and new. After a long time of entanglement, I still gave up this idea, I bought some good Longjing from a tea shop nearby and sent it to my father who loves drinking tea very much in the countryside, with the attached clause: drinking tea is good for health, but drinking too much will easily hurt the kidney, do not drink it before going to bed, if it will aggravate insomnia. Recently, I am always immersed in poetry and books when I have nothing to do, but I have never abandoned my love for literature. I like “that day” written by Cangyang jiatuo: On that day, when I closed my eyes in the incense mist of the sutra hall, I suddenly heard your true words in the sutra. In that month, I shook all the prayer cylinders, not for overstepping, but for touching your fingertips. In that year, I crawled on the mountain road, not for an audience, but for sticking to your warmth. In that life, turning mountains and water to pagoda, not for the next life, but for meeting you on the way. What kind of attachment and expectation is this to the person you love in your heart, I think only poets who have experienced that extraordinary can deeply understand it. Sometimes I wonder if there will be people who miss deeply like poets in my heart? If so, where is it? If not, who should I miss? I think there will always be some, so that I can hide the seemingly seemingly missing in the lines, and from then on there will be another person in my lines. Winter is coming, when will the snow fall? I like the scene of snow and the supernatural tranquility. The flying snow renders all things in the world and silence the boundless world. When it snows, please don’t trample on the snow fields. What pure white it is. This is the unique color of this season. How can you break it. In the end, there is only one thing to say: the weather is getting colder and colder. 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