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[Introduction] what a wonderful thing reading is! The charm of words is so endless that it is like an Arabic lamp, which always brings me unexpected surprises. It not only dispels inexplicable worries, but also makes you laugh happily when you are alone. More importantly…… I remember once, I was a little unhappy in my heart and wanted to read a novel to relieve my boredom, so I turned to the article “acceptance” in Wang Zengqi’s selected works and read it, the impetuous and discontent in my heart faded away. In the novel, Akiko became a monk at the age of thirteen, but he still lived a good life. Such a life in reality may be miserable and helpless, but it can be read to make people feel envy. Behind those beautiful words, I seem to hear a wise man telling me that living itself is a beautiful thing, and some annoyance and unhappiness are natural things in life, there is no need to get through it. There is also such an affectionate description in the article that the neighbor girl walked barefoot on the ridge, leaving five little toes with flat soles and missing a part of the arch, this series of beautiful footprints disturbed the Little Monk’s heart. It turns out that a bunch of footprints can also be beautiful to disturb people’s hearts. Mr. Wang just told me a story in Life with tranquil and natural words, but there seemed to be a beam of sunshine passing through the deserted soul, taking away those unreasonable haze, it seems that there is a gurgling spring, which clears the noise and common customs in my heart. In silence, I suddenly became enlightened. No matter in adversity or prosperity, no matter in ordinary life or rough life, the beauty and charm of life are everywhere, no matter when and where, as long as you face life with a positive and optimistic attitude, even the sufferings and setbacks of life, you can also find a feeling of beauty. I like this kind of romantic character. Don’t be frivolous, don’t show off, don’t be secular, don’t be gorgeous, don’t make public. They are either fresh and poetic, such as Zhu Ziqing and Shen Congwen; Or simple and meaningful, such as Ji Xianlin and Wang Zengqi; Or humorous and Frank, such as Liang Shiqiu and Dong Qiao; Or calm and wise, such as Shi Tiesheng and Jia Pingwa, they seem to be calm but actually hide waves, which are extremely powerful to the soul. This is because in the depth of their words, there is a same feeling of compassion, they all have a special liking for truth, goodness and beauty, and a green and luxuriant childlike heart and a lively life interest forever. Reading their words, happiness and warmth are always within reach. How to describe the real feeling brought by reading? I remember that the winter just passed was a little special, cold and warm as if the handover ceremony was suddenly completed at dusk on a certain winter day, and the weather suddenly turned into ice. I held my hands back and forth on the platform of the classroom, stamping my feet to keep warm from time to time, and waiting patiently for the bell of the class. At this time, a girl with short hair ran up and handed me a small hand warmer, which was the ordinary glass beverage bottle filled with boiled water. The classroom passed through a short pause like waves shining, and then a kind and knowing smile lit up. In that shining smile, my heart was rippling through waves of happiness, so pure and warm. What reading brings me is exactly such subtle and substantial warmth and happiness. I once saw an interesting painting. At the most peaceful and leisure moment of the day, the sun was preparing to go down the mountain. In the green grass, a woman was sitting on a chair reading freely, very intoxicated, however, the chair in the picture has left the ground and suspended in the air together with the cup of coffee at hand. I think the painter must want to convey such an idea when holding the pen. The power of books is enough to liberate our bodies, and walk freely in another charming world with our hearts. What a wonderful thing reading is! The charm of words is so endless that it is like an Arabic lamp, which always brings me unexpected surprises. It not only dispels inexplicable worries, but also makes you laugh happily when you are alone. More importantly, reading gives us a pair of insight, let us see the other side of romantic life, so as not to feel tired and bored any more. Some people say that life is a pure flame, and we live by the invisible sun in our hearts. Words are the sun that never sets in my reader’s heart. 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