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[Introduction]: I am used to letting myself make mistakes to the end, and I am also used to letting myself indulge in mistakes, feeling the sense of loss brought by mistakes, and falling in love with the hesitation brought by mistakes, I like to recall the bitter mistakes alone, and make my heart silent in the frozen tower…… I feel that I haven’t touched the words for a long time, and there are too many feelings in my heart, which hurt me deeply. On the road of life, will my choice be another mistake, I always tell myself: I don’t regret the choice at that time! However, deep down in my heart, seeing the pride of my close friends made me feel a little disappointed. Even late autumn could not compare with the coolness in my heart! The disturbance of my thoughts doomed my words to be confused. Therefore, for nearly two and a half months, I dare not open my lovely diary easily, I am afraid that I will drown in my advice against my will, and I would rather deceive myself to go back and forth as always! I am afraid that once I stop, I will lose confidence in the future, and I am also afraid that once I start, I will be sour. In fact, I really don’t know myself, what I want, what I want to pursue, no direction, no policy, only blindly follow, I am don’t indulge in my fantasy like this, but I know I am wrong, but I have no choice but to let it go wrong again and again. I am used to letting myself go wrong to the end, I am also used to indulging myself in mistakes, feeling the sense of loss brought by mistakes, falling in love with the hesitation brought by mistakes, and enjoying the bitter mistakes alone, let my heart be silent in the frozen Tower, thinking that I am the whole world, and the whole world is just my own existence. How many times I wake up from dreams, tears wet eyes, no focal length, my empty head can’t remember myself. I suddenly don’t know where I am or who I am. I always think that the world is darkness and darkness is the world! People’s hearts are selfish, and I am the leader of the selfish people among them. Usually, the selfish people are easy to get into the corner. However, my typical example is that once I get in, I still don’t want to walk out of the current affairs even if I don’t want, on the contrary, he got stuck in it and broke his own path. And this is very abnormal. Sometimes I feel that I am a rational person. I usually like to go two levels when doing things, otherwise I will make the best plans, and then I will be ready to accept the worst results, but occasionally, his willfulness blocked his back road as soon as he came up. Is this character good or bad? I think over the past twenty years, the calendar has proved that I am ask for trouble by myself. I am a bit distorted theory. The so-called “people want me to go east, I prefer to go west, looking back, I paid a painful price for this. My childhood was also spent in such a twist. It was in such rebellion and willfulness that my youth went through and looked back to the past, I can be immature, childish and ridiculous, ridiculous and hateful. I hate myself for many years and deny myself so deeply. I have no idea that I am still a person with advantages, looking for a kind of inexplicable attention all day long, looking for a kind of strange warmth, maybe people are like this, people around often can not see, in the distance can not touch, however, he had to pursue it desperately. In response to the artistic conception of the song” Jian Jia “, he had to sigh with emotion the ancient sage and admire the theory that hit the nail on the point! Ha ha, I fell in love with loneliness, myself and the lonely tower. I chose the call from the bottom of my heart willfully. I rebelled against others’ opinions against my will and didn’t know the color of the future, I can only let myself continue to make mistakes, and I am used to making mistakes without looking back. Let myself indulge in the vast sea of thoughts! Those who should come have to come, those who should go have to go, those who should stay will be there, and those who should forget should be abandoned, what should be chosen should also be decided remember what I had escaped: If you don’t choose, you don’t have to give an answer! However, the more you walk along the road, the more you find: most of the time, even if you don’t choose, you have to go on. Escaping just makes things more urgent! Therefore, life needs a choice. I have never seen that resolute determination for a long time, and I have never seen the relaxation of these two and a half months’ hesitation for a long time, I haven’t seen it for a long time. The smoothness of the pen stick sliding on the white paper. 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