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[Introduction]: hugging is the best way to convey emotions. Hugging is happy. No matter what kind of hugging means, it can make people absorb strength from each other and taste happiness. From now on, I want to embrace life happily. Embrace is a way of expressing emotions. Hug when happy, hug when painful, hug whenRead More



[Introduction] read thousands of books, walk thousands of miles, and know thousands of people. Some people should be reserved as passers-by, taking a car ferry, leaving at different stations, they should not turn back and try to remember their appearance. When they meet in different places, they do not need to recognize them, nor doRead More


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[Introduction] 12345 is my job, but I want to take it as my lifelong career and continue to do it earnestly and earnestly forever, using my love, enthusiasm, sincerity, patience, serve the citizens meticulously and repay the society! To be a glorious convenience service person, I have no regrets! Time flies like a shuttle. BlinkRead More