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Early dream

[First dream, first thought] Somehow, she came into my dream that night. I was just happy and complaining. I thought she wouldn’t enter my dream, but I didn’t think about it, so I came. I didn’t dream of her until such a long time passed. What on earth did God want to show! I don’tRead More


Blue Yan

[Introduction] when I wrote this, I felt deeply guilty for my husband. I don’t know why I am influenced by this kind of emotion. That man won’t control my life. At most, he is just a blue-looking confidant. He listened to my nagging and comforted my crying. He said this sentence on QQ: time isRead More



Since yesterday, people who came into my office to work told me carefully before leaving, saying that they seemed to smell a very special smell. Is? I also seemed to smell it, but I couldn’t tell any smell, let alone find the reason, so I just did it. Today, I went to work one hourRead More



[Introduction] what a wonderful thing reading is! The charm of words is so endless that it is like an Arabic lamp, which always brings me unexpected surprises. It not only dispels inexplicable worries, but also makes you laugh happily when you are alone. More importantly…… I remember once, I was a little unhappy in myRead More