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[Introduction] sharing is a kind quality of kindness. You know how to share and learn to share. It itself is a kind of wisdom that suffering losses is a blessing, a detached state that knows how to choose or not, and a feeling that knows how to calm down. Learning and understanding sharing with othersRead More


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Hang up the phone with him, write a pre-written text. _Writing in front of life is always a black humor, nothing else. _Text/Golden Spring March, rain is flying, the season of Kapok is over, welcome April in early summer! The upcoming unknown May. Pack up and drag your tired body to get off work! IRead More



[Introduction] I have no words to describe you now, because I am too familiar with you. I have been numb to see your changes every day. I am just afraid that one day you will really go far away, I didn’t even have tears in my heart, sighing, that’s all. I have known you forRead More