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[Introduction]: the mountain road in Taoyuan River is in a faint and winding state. The stone walls beside the road are covered with moss. The landscape seeps from the Moss and falls on the branches and leaves of shrubs. The butterfly was flying by the stream, circling around me from time to time. It stuckRead More


Understand Love

[Introduction] one autumn, I took my husband to the countryside. Standing in pieces of golden rice fields, I pointed at the heavy rice and asked my husband, why did they bend down one by one? Sometimes in our family, we would quarrel and fight for some trifles every time. At last, I was the oneRead More



A gust of warm wind blew slowly and slipped across the surface, just like silk soft. The body is light and full, Dancing With the Wind, floating in the air, flying freely in the clouds like swallows. I closed my eyes and quietly intoxicated with the joy brought by flying. I don’t know where theRead More