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For a long time, I haven’t used the pen. Because of the busyness of work and the restriction of living conditions, in a vulgar old jargon, it is called being in the arena and involuntarily! The endless work and overtime every month makes people feel a little weak because of their poor health, which always makes people feel a sense of collapse, how much spare time and spare energy do you have to pay attention to your favorite spare time. Sometimes, I am really tired of this kind of working life which sells physical strength and energy in return for only income! What is more collapsing is that the long-term depression and closure of mind and body may completely destroy anyone with sound mind! In another fashionable words, it is really unbearable! —— There is always a feeling of escaping! However, I found that many people were the same as myself. No one who worked in this city was annoyed and could have a pleasant lunch with friends happily, none of them went home happily after finishing work. All people seem to be possessed by demons, with a pair of trivial things without clear appearance, pecking themselves while carrying others. Their temper is getting bigger and bigger, and their spoken English is getting dirtier and dirtier, sometimes even I feel sick! The world seems to have lost trust, and what does the world seem to have lost? No matter whether the world is perfect or flawed, nor what has been added or lost in the world. Everyone has to live, and everyone has to work. This constant has not changed. Maybe from ancient times to present, from outside to middle! The changes are changing without hesitation, the good without emotions are changing, the rivers are constantly flowing, and the Earth is constantly turning! People! What are you doing, what are you busy with, and why are you busy? What are you worrying about? Why are you bothering? An accidental move brought me a new environment. For me, the biggest special thing is that there is a delightful reading hall here! It almost occupies the first floor of the whole dormitory building, which is about long. There are all kinds of books in it. It is free to read and can also be borrowed with certificates! This was really a lake in the desert. There was an umbrella under the sun, and a rainbow appeared in the rainy sky! Therefore, sometimes there is no time, no time, so I went there for a while. It’s like going to an Internet cafe or shopping in a supermarket! As long as you like it, it’s very, very enough! Among enough books, I am only interested in books about literary theories, or books that can be called beneficial to writing. There are also books here, and most of them are, in the words of colleagues, it is a lot. Open a book casually, which is a book about the writer’s life and his ideal. The title seems to be a writer’s face-to-face, which is good and suitable for my eyes! Among them, there are some spiritual pains of writers engaging in writing, such as Beicun, the contradiction of writers’ survival and creation in reality, such as Chen Cun! In addition, a book “literature is still alive” (bought by myself with money) around me talked about some real problems of literature, such as the suicide of writers! Let people suddenly give birth to a kind of alertness! Literature is not easy! Writer not easy! However, why do people regard literature as so great? Literature is just a subject and a kind of knowledge. From this perspective, what is the difference between literature and medicine and electronics that we take as our profession? Medical treating is not great? Isn’t it great for the future to see through the stream of electrons? These real knowledge and wisdom that directly contribute to people’s well-being seem to be closer to life and reality than literature, but why should literature be so important and outstanding, increase the burden of literature itself! Some things can’t be solved by literature! Literature is not the emperor of the world! Moreover, literature itself also has its own defects and deficiencies, such as what Wang Meng (literature is still alive) mentioned in his article: for example, emphasizing feelings, for example, overstatement, for example, suicide is one of the various challenges brought by literature to writers. And so on, why don’t we take literature as simple and relaxing? Take writing as an amateur walk or travel, and write more when we like it, if you don’t like it, write less. If the condition is really hard, why don’t you stop for a while and have a rest? Because living or living is also important, leaving the real life, what is the meaning of other things! Life is also a part of literature. As long as life continues, literature will survive! There is also a book about literary stories, whose name is “the story of literature”. Maybe this idea also stems from its enlightenment! Thank you for life, thank you for this reading hall, which made me have a quiet place after working hard and being bored. For my eyes, for my heart, I don’t know whether I still have a heart, or even can’t understand the true meaning of the word “heart! But this is no longer important! What’s important is that one morning not long ago, I moved by accident and met this extraordinary reading hall by accident, which stood in I am, my sometimes confused and sometimes clear thoughts became three-dimensional, just like the movie commentary in TV advertisement: 3D is healthy! For a long time, I seldom practice writing. Today is an exception, which makes me ashamed. Tonight nursing shopping fast to 0 point, back to dormitory, to the door, only to find, dormitory door lock brutally damage, lock not open, indoor empty, managers have rest, had to faint crazily! Then turn around to the Internet cafe and stay up all night to solve the urgent need! All right, when listening to songs in games, I remember who seems to have said that composition can relieve people’s inner pain and calm their feelings, then try to refine the pen! Tiger falls Pingyang, long kun sha tan! I will settle accounts with the guy who caused the accident tomorrow! Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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