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[Introduction] after reading this brochure, I thought that the Shanghai exhibition hall of the Shanghai World Expo, which just ended, was decorated with the layout of ordinary people in Shanghai in the 70s, 80s and 90s respectively. Therefore, thinking if we collect these things that are going to die. In the library, I saw aRead More


My heart

Miss grandpa four King Gee Chang Inscription: Uncle Tang called and said that he came up with a commemorative brochure on the fourth anniversary and asked me to write some commemorative words. On the day of the promise, thoughts surged, and the grass was slightly written. It is hard to know whether it is. AlthoughRead More


Wantonly non-

In this erratic City, I live foolishly; Following the rhythm of the metropolis, I shuttle back and forth among the crowd in the bustling city and accept the baptism of people’s reality; Life is simple but busy; in this cold spring season, there was a sudden thought, a thought that no one could be freeRead More