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[Introduction] if the three aspects of life outlook, values, background of birth and growth, intelligence level and cultural composition of both parties are consistent, then a happy marriage is within reach. I followed most of the words in the book “How can I be numb to happiness” all the way through the blog of theRead More



[Introduction] the familiar tune sounded on my ears. I rubbed the moving notes into clouds and hung them in the sky. Then I sat below, eating the books in the back market. President Jefferson told us in the Declaration of Independence: everyone has the right to pursue happiness, but many people read this sentence asRead More



Time flies away, and another spring, summer, autumn and winter will pass away. In a flash, I was over 19 years old, and it seemed that I had lost 19 spring, summer, autumn and winter in my life. In the 19 spring, summer, autumn and winter, four of them were spent in Leshan school. IRead More



Loneliness is a beautiful scenery line, which can only be understood by those who have lived alone; Loneliness is a state of mind detached from the world and a spiritual home found away from the vanity of the world; loneliness is a kind of spiritual contract, a kind of beauty that integrates into the secularRead More


Old House

The old house was built in the 19th century. It lingered on till the end, with cracks and marks. No one understood her whine. In the morning, I pushed away the heavy Zhu men, and the old house made a creaking sound, as if telling the past, present and future. Leaning over and touching theRead More


Westward Journey

Even if I don’t have the chance, I still look forward to the Chinese Valentine’s Day waiting for you to have a lifetime of lingering, but I am afraid that the wind and dust of thousands of miles will lose your Trace. Your voice on the phone gives me a trace of reverie. Five HundredRead More


Children and fools

My friend asked me to take her daughter to sleep. She had something to go out, so I said yes. Not long after she lay down, she lay down beside me, leaned over and said: Sister A Ying, why don’t you have a boyfriend? I said I was still young, and then she continued toRead More



[Introduction]: I like the thunderstorm in summer. Just now, it was still a hot sun. Suddenly, dark clouds were dense. A flash of lightning cut through the sky, and then the Thunder roared, the sudden rain column, like thousands of bamboo poles dropping from the air, a bubble suddenly formed on the ground, and thunderstormsRead More


shu yuan

[Introduction] as soon as he arrived, he finally closed it. I was so happy that my head turned slightly to the book, which made me vaguely see only two words in the title of the book. Seeing that we are about to arrive, if we don’t take any action. Then no chance On the bus,Read More