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Many things will happen in one’s life, including good and bad, happiness and sorrow, big and small, but there will always be some things that make people regret when they think back, and then, there will be a lot of if in my mind. If I didn’t do that at that time, if I worked harder, would the ending of the matter become another way? If many things linger in my mind and think over and over, they will even sleep uneasily and sit unsteadily, which will affect the normal life. Perhaps, this is the sin of regret! Buddhism points out that today’s fruit is the continuation of the original cause. All living beings regret the bitter fruit today, and Bodhisattva has a deep understanding of cause and effect, and there is no regret at all. This is the reason why all living beings fear the fruit and Bodhisattva is cautious about the cause. “Five Lantern Festival yuan” Volume 16: early notice of today’s events, regret not being careful at the beginning. Later, it was simplified as knowing today early and regretting not at the beginning. It was said that knowing today’s ending earlier was not as good as not doing that at the beginning. Here, it meant regretting beyond reach. Psychology believes that regret is a kind of psychological barrier, and regret is a final result. There is usually a hate word behind the word regret. So never regret. Regret means denying yourself. Constantly denying yourself will only make you less and less confident and reduce the energy of self-improvement. Few people go straight to the end, and there is no detours in life. Only if you don’t regret, can you walk the right way. An American teacher once used a vivid example to teach students to get rid of the useless regret. In class, she threw a bottle full of milk down to the ground, and the bottle was broken, milk flowed all over the floor. She told the students: You may feel sorry for this bottle of milk, but this kind of regret can no longer restore this bottle of milk to its original state. Therefore, when something irreversible happens in your future life, please remember this broken milk bottle. This teacher told a philosophy of life: if he knew that the mistake had been formed, and it was irrevocable, but he insisted on saving it, it would be useless to do so. Generally speaking, people can be divided into three types: one is a very smart person, the so-called wisdom, with keen insight, therefore, no mistakes, no regrets. One is a dull person who often makes mistakes, but unconsciously, so, Will not regret. Most people are between the two and will make some mistakes, so they will regret constantly. In this way, since most people make mistakes, don’t mind too much, just take it as an experience in life, but things are not that easy. Here we have to mention that the personality of a person, whether he will regret or not, and the degree of regret are all closely related to his personality. Some people will find ways to remedy their mistakes in time, and those who cannot be remedied will also remind themselves not to make similar mistakes next time. Such people will regret less, they are relatively open-minded and open-minded, but when they make mistakes, they will fall into the abyss of regret. If they blame themselves blindly, without remedy or learning lessons, things will become heavy and not easy, however, this kind of people basically belong to those who are relatively introverted and are not good at communicating with others. They keep things in their stomach forever, and it is difficult for such a character to make great achievements. A netizen wrote an article saying: if you are full of enthusiasm, what you get is indifference; If you are sincere, what you get is perfunctory. You will not regret? I said, there is nothing to regret. As long as you are not at fault, why should it be reflected by others? Your efforts must wait for the return. This remark correct stunning piece. There are too many things that one encounters in one’s life, and comfortable and uncomfortable things surround you all day long. Don’t care too much, and don’t expect others to help you. Sometimes, others can’t solve the stone in their heart, and they can only take it away by themselves. If you don’t take it away, you will always be pressed in your heart. It is to block yourself and torture yourself, which is a kind of emotional burden. Besides, people always have to face many choices in their life. There is no need for us to regret a mistake of choice. Only regret can bring huge losses, injuries and pains. Men should be self-improvement, do not regret things, regret not doing things, it is rare to be confused and pretend to be confused. Can back, hopefully regretted none. Really, Man proposes, God disposes. Regret is just a kind of psychology. In fact, there is nothing to regret and nothing to regret. It should be yours, and it should not be yours. No matter how hard it is, it will not be yours. Don’t care about anything, don’t care about what others say, don’t be reminded by others how to do it, these are unnecessary. As long as we know what we are doing. You know what you are doing, you know that you have the ability to control your life, and you have the means to change your life status, which is enough. As long as you know well that you can decide everything for yourself, don’t care about anything else. Believe in yourself and your state. Only after experiencing can you know what day is suitable for yourself and what kind of life should be far away. Don’t Regret. Be brave and willing to experience. Experience is the greatest wealth. Only after experiencing it can we have the right to speak. Only after experiencing can you know what your next step is. Breaking up with cigarettes, separating from wine, rubbing with friends and discord with family members are all living conditions. Only after experiencing can we learn how to deal with the dissatisfaction in life. It’s no big deal. Everyone has a brain and everyone knows the life he wants. Friends, please remember firmly: reflection is not a bad thing, and regret is absolutely impossible. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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