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It doesn’t matter who treats me well or who treats me badly. Playing games and listening to favorite songs are the most comfortable life for yourself. Since then, I just belong to myself! This year was too bad, which made me feel frustrated and sad. Even, I feel disdainful of my own state. Such weaknessRead More



It’s almost ten o’clock, and my son has taken medicine and slept. My son was sick these days, which made me anxious. I wanted to have a rest early, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I always felt something was wrong in my heart. Suddenly I remembered that I hadn’t called my parents for several days,Read More


The second

Today, the weather is very cold, the cold wind is roaring, and the drizzle is like wool. The weather seems colder than the last one today. But I only feel warm. The last today in my memory is full of sadness. That day, my favorite teacher Li suddenly wanted to be transferred. I cried endlesslyRead More