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When I was writing this article, I was reluctant to say something but to be honest for several times. I didn’t know what kind of person I was and what kind of woman I was! The man who had lived with me for several years always said that I am made of tears. He said this without any pity. I knew that I was too emotional! I feel painful in my heart, so I always put myself in the scene I imagined and let myself cry or laugh! You always say that you understand me and a woman’s mind. Dear, you don’t understand, you will never understand! When I chose you, I put down my pen and thought… just for you, for the man I love! Tonight, I picked up my thoughts again. I was thinking that if you knew, you would be unhappy again! But I really don’t want to continue to suppress myself. Being your woman is so tired. Can’t I really have a world of my own? I know I am just the kite in your hand, but your thread is pulled too tightly, which makes me unable to breathe and makes me struggle in the same place! Love is you, hate is you, hate is still you! I know I can’t change anything about you, and I don’t want to force you any more if I don’t want to do it! I just feel very cold and lost, I don’t know how to let go! During this period of time, I know that we all think too much, too tired and too sensitive. I deeply know my determination, but I won’t tell you, because I am afraid that I will lose confidence again, so why don’t you say it, let you guess! [Responsible editor: Leaves]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. Yesterday and Today, Wu Jiang’s… Be a person who never stops growing up Teacher Lily coughed with a strong nasal tone when she was in yoga class. Maybe it’s uncomfortable, she has less demonstration action today,… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 13, 2018) January 13, 2018: Yesterday, my sister and nephew Little David didn’t come to the Dongwan village of jinjiaba where my mother and I stayed temporarily,… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 12, 2018) January 12, 2018: The day before yesterday, I said, “my mother will go to Kunshan tomorrow.” However, yesterday, my mother did not go to Kunshan…