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Li is going to get married, lunar January the 10th, Yan is also married, November 30, are happy. I wish my two good friends and their dear friends a happy hundred years. Grow old. Happy, a little envious. _Sunshine 17:20:53 well, come on, too. The curtain ends 17:21:24 I’m not so fast, I’m afraid that I haven’t married your son who is one or two years old! _Sunshine 17:22:18 Ha ha, you will definitely find a very good person. Thank husband Li for her noble words. Today, tears suddenly fell secretly. Unknown reason. I said a lot of words but didn’t do it. Now I just want to tell myself that I believe something in my heart and someone will never regret. I began to imagine that I would wash clothes from now on after I got married. Nurture life for my lover and take care of him. My future is only for this person. Love is beautiful. It depends on how you manage it. Today, I talked to my sister for a while. She agreed with my idea. Life always feels awkward. I told Fu Li on Sunday that I don’t yearn for a high-quality life, but only care about plain life, but I can’t be worse than others. Someone told me that the future is a blueprint, which is being painted with a watercolor pen, but the watercolor cannot be wiped off. It is an eternal fixed point. And we cannot change. During the 22 years of my present life, Jane once appreciated me during the training, because we were friends. I didn’t cry much during that training. Up to now, I don’t know what changes I have made. Because I didn’t feel it with my heart. I miss when I was in DSD. I had a crazy day with my colleagues. A group of women had a good time. Now they have run away from there. Friends? How much do I have? How many are there really. Just a few. It’s for heart and lung. Good for yourself, count. It was less than five. May be with leaving. Feelings weakened. Is there nothing left? Li, Zhen, red. Yan. Are We Done Yet? When I think about it again, I suddenly find that. It turns out that only you know everything. When you care about your friends, it is just one of them. Surprisingly, a person who had been dating for a long time had not contacted me for a long time. Today, he suddenly asked me how the beauty was doing recently, which made me a little surprised and spoiled. Let me reply, handsome boy, it is rare to see you Q me once …… hehe,. When Feixin talked, we agreed to let it go. The future is beautiful.. I began to imagine the days when someone accompanied me and how beautiful the days would be. It’s just whether my real life is as happy as my fantasy. It is really a bit busy to inquire and quote every day. I always feel that it is better to be busy, and I want to relax when I am busy. I think Jane in DSD and Li at home think so. I really miss our days together. Have a good time, and tell each other if you have something on your mind. Share happiness together. Get through the same phone every day. I chatted with the people on the phone and then talked about my daily routine. Like reporting work, I am used to it. I used to be alone for a long time, but nothing happened. Anyway, that’s what I said. Dad has been calling to urge mom to go back these days, saying that he is bored at home alone. Ha ha, I think my parents are very funny. I found out that my dad came from an old urchin. Love to eat sugar, love to play. Ha ha, I have a fight with Zhuo Yang baby. I told the other end of the phone that you are as good as Zhuo Yang… why? No, why is it just like him. The little guy brings us joy every day. Even if we repeat those words, several actions can bring us laughter. Today, when I went back for lunch, aunt and aunt were singing. I found that the little guy grew up day by day and learned a lot of words day by day. I think in the future, I will also have such a little guy. I think that only the little guy and the big guy exist in the world after my marriage. 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