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Jump out

Many things will happen in one’s life, including good and bad, happiness and sorrow, big and small, but there will always be some things that make people regret when they think back, and then, there will be a lot of if in my mind. If I didn’t do that at that time, if I workedRead More


Rain Road

[Introduction]: it is misty and rainy, just like today. There seems to be a layer of gauze in front of my eyes, which makes everything hazy. It’s useless to rub it hard,. The pavilion is hazy, the tree is hazy, the shore is hazy, and the water is hazy. Pushing the door, the rain brushedRead More


All I see in this world is you

All is silent, and the Phoenix casting hope never disturbed the fish in the dream. I pushed open the window carved with Rainbow, only for the flowing brilliance in your eyes, which you never noticed, under the Banyan Tree where you have folded leaves, I have my words of blessing for you. You have neverRead More