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The person who loves me deeply gives me the warmest and heart feeling the person who loves me deeply gives me the firmest promise: the time limit of love is a lifetime! Those who love me deeply look at me with the most tender eyes and tell me that besides my appearance, I love myRead More


[Introduction] in real life, some infectious viruses such as hepatitis B, AIDS and syphilis are human life partners, and their transmission routes are mostly blood, once infected with this kind of disease, it is difficult to get rid of it, and even the disease can be passed down from generation to generation. Last autumn, IRead More



[Introduction] the bank of the reservoir is often soaked by water, which is a large area of open land that cannot be cultivated. The green grass is like a goose down green carpet spread beside the silvery white reservoir. Groups of early starlings were playing and foraging on the grass. xin an is located inRead More



The winter solstice just passed on the 23rd. The dirty and gloomy air in the city becomes domineering in winter. But the sky in the morning is as blue as wash. The sun rustled down and hit me, but it was not warm. Like some people we met, we are self-righteous. The Darkness on theRead More



Health is like a true friend, and I don’t know how precious it is until I lose it. Nothing can be exchanged for health. A healthy body is more valuable than a crown. Rest is the nanny who nourishes the tired spirit. A healthy body is the living room of the soul, and a sickRead More