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Girls have been attached to books since childhood. Girls follow the principle of taking its essence and discarding its dregs when reading. Girls have grown up, and their minds are still like children. Sincere to people so practical. The girl married a scholar. Girls made woman. This should be my best dream house. Women regard their husband as the best thing and place infinite hopes on it. Women never call their names directly because their husbands are a little older than themselves. Women cook, wash clothes and take care of everything at home. Some literary young women wrote letters to women’s husbands to discuss problems. They wrote letters too often, and women were at a loss. A literary young woman left a message for her husband’s Chinese pagers. The message was too ambiguous, and the woman was at a loss. A literary young woman sent a message to her husband’s mobile phone. The message was bold and straightforward, and the woman was at a loss. A literary young woman chatted with her husband’s QQ. The QQ expression was rich, and the woman decided to leave her husband. A woman came to a strange city in August and found a job in a company. The company provides accommodation and unified management. While waiting for the transfer of a female employee in the female dormitory, the woman stayed in a flat temporarily. The room has not been cleaned for a long time, and the woman spent half a day cleaning it. The woman lived here, the water heater in the bathroom was broken, and the power plug was broken. Women drink water and drink cold water, while women take a bath and wash cold water. Women catch cockroaches in the room. The woman was awakened by a burst of blankly sound in the middle of the night, so scared that she dared not sleep any more. Looking for it in the morning, it was the pigeons raised in the shed on the opposite roof. Woman smiled. The woman is no longer afraid at night. She has pigeons as her companion. Soon, a young man’s wife came to visit his family. I discussed with a woman to live in the same room with a woman temporarily. The woman lived in a small bedroom and the young couple lived in the master bedroom. Colleagues said that there was nothing wrong with it. They all worked for jobs. If they could give people convenience, they could give them some convenience. The woman gave the young couple the key to the room. The young couple’s elder sister, who called women, became familiar with each other. The young man’s wife stayed for a few days. The family had something to buy a ticket and left. They left in a hurry. The beddings of the master bedroom didn’t have time to move. This night, the young man’s wife sent a text message to the woman on the train sister, my husband is still staying at your place tonight, is it in the bedroom? The woman replied to the text message and should still live here. The bedspread hasn’t been taken away yet. It hasn’t come back yet! The young man’s wife never sent a message to the woman again. A woman’s divorced husband asks a woman about something every day. There are many and detailed text messages. Besides going to work, a woman just replies to text messages. What? You said what? You said you lived with a young man? What is not cohabitation is living together, lonely man! …… The woman’s divorced husband called. I didn’t stay alone with the young man for one night. The night his wife left, he lived with his colleague and moved away the next day. Some colleagues could prove it! The woman called back with grievance. I won’t listen to you lying, you are a lascivious woman! The woman’s divorced husband roared. A war without smoke permeated between women and divorced husbands. Women’s family members send messages to women come back quickly, don’t lose our face outside! The only girlfriend of a woman sends a message to a woman. Are you really corrupted as your husband said? The divorced husband of a woman lists a lot of sins of a woman, which are classified as a total sin: a woman divorces for corruption. The woman couldn’t stand the slander and call of her divorced husband. Half a year later, the woman returned to her hometown. If you don’t love me, why do you still struggle? The woman asked her divorced husband. You and I have lived for many years, and I can’t pass the pass of your remarriage! Besides, your identity can only be the mother of the child! A woman’s divorced husband answered. Women’s tears came out. The woman remarried with her divorced husband. Women’s living situation is awkward. The eyes of relatives and neighbors looking at women have the smell of contempt and ridicule. Women don’t visit the door, women don’t chat, women close themselves, women no longer talk. Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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