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Be nice to yourself, because your life is not long; Be nice to the people around you, because you may not meet them in the next life. It’s very honest. In the morning in the office, Ji said that the girl was only thirty-seven or eighteen years old and had cancer and could not getRead More



I have never measured how many roads I have traveled, and I hardly feel the hardship of the journey. The scenery along the way, whether it is the Green Willow in spring or the colorful sea of flowers in summer,, no matter the golden wheat waves in autumn or the white snow in winter, allRead More


The injury can’t

When a beautiful flower attracts many bees and butterflies. She hopeful. I just appreciate what I don’t understand. Only when the wind blows can the wind chimes and kites fly. But the wound will never recover one day. It can only accompany her forever. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChatRead More