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The Mountain

[Introduction] when the third son went, their love was still there. The Hawthorn Tree with white flowers was witnessing their love and commemorating their innocent feelings. At the end of the story, it is said that life in Jingqiu is very good. Is it in the last sentence said by the third son of Chengqi……Read More


You in

(1) the heart is very quiet. It’s a long-lost feeling. Maybe, maybe only the rain and sadness can cool the heart and break away from the troubles of the world, and the soul is completely immersed in the humidity of the soul which is just right and gently filled. Heart, strolling, in the rain. HereRead More



[Introduction] there is only one kind of person who can accompany you through the whole journey to the end that even you can’t see. Only this person can choose the path you are going on forever. A person who always walks behind you silently, carrying a bag for you and watching you move forward. LifeRead More