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Sometimes, people need to change. It is certainly a good thing to find a new self, but there are only a few people like me who are determined and can be broken when they are broken. Even though I did break away from the past in order to find a new self, I still couldn’t help doubting my endurance and belief secretly. By the way, the key is only faith. I have to abandon the old belief, but the new belief has not yet come into being. I can neither rely on the past nor rely on the present, and become a completely empty person, at least now is a void day or state. However, what can I do? I have no intention to climb the dead branches of the past. I can’t handle the complicated situation now. Nothing can be done, and nothing should be done. I just came to such a vacuum stage that I must face directly. Maybe the function of this void is to completely empty me. I began to explore my inner curiosity and power, and found that I am a born dreamer and adventurer. But I think this is not an additional After The Day After Tomorrow. Maybe it used to be self-repression and self-restraint for too long. Until now, I can’t hold back the energy that my heart is ready to move and I will not suppress myself any more. I want to keep my true temperament and freedom for myself. There are things that can express love from people to things, from living to inanimate, but the difficulties vary and the ways are different. It is too difficult and difficult to grasp the person you love, and I don’t know whether the love is worthy or not; It may be better to express your love to the ancients. Some people have joys and sorrows, and the moon is cloudy and sunny, the ancient and modern resonance of this matter, which is difficult to be complete, is the eternity that no longer changes; It is more pleasant and pleasant to express love to mountains and rivers, with only the breeze between mountains and the sharing of the bright moon on the river, it is the eternity of both the rich and the poor; I finally understand why there are so many people who like to keep pets nowadays. This is not a kind of gratitude. It is true that everyone is selfish, but no matter how selfish people are, they also need to have the convection of feelings, and also need something to place all kinds of feelings. It is not easy to find the person you love to express your love, so you can’t help becoming a fetish person. For those old things, or things that have been used for a long time, they can’t bear to be discarded. They always feel that things also have spirituality. After using for a long time, they will naturally be infected with their own spirituality. Therefore, they will not be used as a last resort or, always give up dropped. But in fact, there are also many biased mistakes. In the past, I often thought that what I loved was spiritual, but in fact it was not. Some things have been bought for several years, but they have not been willing to use them, so they have been hidden and hidden until a whim, but when they are used, they are damaged more quickly than those often used. It is interesting to say that people are always like this, thinking that once the things they cherish and the things they like are close to, the days that actually go far away will not be long. Because the love and cherish we think is our own imagination and thought, that thing may have nothing to do with us; But those things that are always around and can accompany you for a period of time, it is really spiritual and predestined. So I can’t help laughing, things are like this, let alone people. For the people we love, sometimes we would rather choose to appreciate them far away, because all our love for others is not real, just a dream in our hearts; when I was close to disillusionment in my heart, I realized why I was close at the beginning. Maybe it would be better in my dream forever. Some people may say that if they knew it was a dream, why should they do it. The root cause is that we can hardly avoid dreaming. Dreaming may be dangerous, while having no dream is hell. No matter it is for people or things, maybe some dreams know it is false, but we still have to do it, just like we all know that it is inevitable to die in the end but we are still trying to live. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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