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On May Day, I hurried to Shanghai and went back to Hangzhou in a hurry. I went to West Lake with my girlfriend, but I didn’t know that West Lake was not seen. I saw a large group of people, so when I was free, I read Mr. Lin Yutang’s book “biography of Su Dongpo”. I liked it very much. Who else could write the biography so fascinating? Reading makes me drink like a sweet spring. I don’t think about the taste of rice, but also feel a lot. It was true that the heaven would lower the great responsibility to the people of Si dynasty. The talent of grand secretary Su was really different. It was like a fierce wind but like a drizzle, which made people shocked and kept people savoring carefully. Many people’s scenes seem to be affectionate, but in fact they are the most ruthless: love is to the scene, and the scene is born with emotion, while people have no emotion, without emotion, they will realize emotion; Ruthlessness is private to people, it is the greatest affection, as if he said that there is no bad person in the world. Affectionate people are romantic, ruthless people are unrestrained: grand secretary Su is romantic and unrestrained. Reading may be a hobby, while loving books is a fool. It is a pity that I haven’t reached the state of being crazy, even the level of hobbies is not counted, but I am just looking for books impulsively when I am interested in reading occasionally, but when you find a book, it is often the next time when you are interested in reading. Just like the book “biography of Su Dongpo”, I am saw it a month ago. I didn’t read it until recently. When I read it, it was already sighing with a gray face. Seeing the books borrowed from the library were covered with dust, I would never believe that books must be borrowed or read. I have no intention to compare with the Grand Secretary Su, but I always want to find the gap while admiring. After reading this book, I think I should do this. Compared with his “minister”, “Analects of Confucius” and “Spring and Autumn period”, and his allusions, dictionaries and biographies, compared with his mood of crossing the River and crossing the river and playing with his younger brother, he sighed far away. I can’t go thousands of miles without reading thousands of books. The wonderful articles can only be the flowers in the mirror and the moon in the water. Occasionally, most of my thoughts are dead. I don’t know what others will do. I am often ashamed of this sentence after reading for more than ten years. When I read the book, I always feel terrified and worried that one day I will have no way to communicate with the book, although it is one-sided, I am still very worried. There is always reluctance to express sorrow for the new poems, and it is always lonely to make yourself lonely. It’s like a model in the window. Even if you put on gorgeous clothes, it won’t make you feel warm. No matter how smiling you are, she won’t give you the same love, so I always worry that books will alienate me one day. I often think about a viewpoint or an idea I have heard, saying that now is an era that is not suitable for reading, and even not suitable for reading, maybe we can only say that it is suitable for browsing, because even the authors seem to be so perfunctory and sloppy, let alone those of us who are born by fast food. In this way, the indifference between us and books is somewhat attributed to the authors and the era we live in. Is this correct? When time and people choose one kind of book, does it mean that they have to give up the choice of another kind of book? Does this choice mean being chosen? Does the indifference between us and books have much to do with the authors? I think it doesn’t matter much. After all, they have been meeting our requirements. The indifference between us and books is due to the real interest relationship between us: We need books to seek some utilitarian things, while books need readers to open up its market. This kind of interest relationship makes the pressure we face concrete and clear, thus reducing our love. We often underestimate ourselves and the true meaning of books. After all, our indifference is because we love books less than books love us deeply, so we have such carelessness and imprudence. So era? In fact, every era will have different degrees of fast food performance. But the degree was not obvious in ancient times, because there were only a few people who could read books, and even a few people who could write books. They could hurry up without any delay, and they could write it over and over again, if they don’t live on it, they won’t seem so impatient, so nowadays we regard the classics handed down as treasures. By contrast, how many so-called classics created in our era can be spread by later generations? How many literati talents created by our era will be recorded in history and will be admired by later generations? I often think that there may be no one or just one, but the achievement is absolutely not comparable to Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Zizhan. Maybe, maybe only with the emergence of new literary styles can someone surpass them and at least keep pace with each other. It always seems so pessimistic in this way. In fact, there is no need to be overly pessimistic. The real classic is a kind of pure and simple nostalgia, which is like the aroma of wine, which is consciously or unconsciously fascinating and lingering. Our times also have treasures to be proud of, but they still need to go through the test of time. Every era has its literary needs and cultural appearances, just like the novels of yuan quqiang in Tang and Song Poems. Our era is a more diversified one. Besides writing books, we have comics, pop songs, hot movies and televisions, we also have many ways to express our literature and culture. Some people may say that there is no way to compare this with books, but it has the same effect, isn’t it? Both of them make people think and enjoy. On the level of spiritual enjoyment, I think there is no difference between Yangchun snow and xialiba people. Moreover, can Ancient times be compared with present? In ancient times, it was just Zhuge Liang who spoke of Confucianism, As for whether Ji Xiaolan with iron teeth and copper teeth is so romantic or not, it is still open to question. Take a look at our era. Diplomats are so powerful that lawyers are too weak to argue? This may be a little melodramatic and extreme, but I think we should learn to calm ourselves down and really read books instead of blindly emphasizing the quality of books and the advantages and disadvantages of the times, A person who doesn’t even want to appreciate his own times seriously is not qualified to judge other times. After thinking it over and over again, my mood was no longer so uneasy. At least I dared to say that reading was suitable for every era, but the way of carrying books was different, and the sentiment of reading was also different. We don’t enjoy tea and read it at leisure, we don’t have the hobby of reading by candle, and we don’t have the ecstasy of picking up books to read. Does this mean that our times are forgetting the fun and importance of reading? No, we are now reading for all, and our ways of reading have become diversified, no matter the squeeze of work or the need of life, we have read or are reading books that we think we should read. Books will not have bad feelings for any era, nor will Books have estrangement for anyone. It’s just like mom. She doesn’t need you to be rich and expensive. As long as your life is peaceful and healthy, she will have no complaints or demands. The book is the same, maybe she doesn’t care how much we have read her and understand her geometry, as long as we can let her accompany in our life, she will try her best to smooth out the hard work when we are tired and the Depression when we are hesitating. She was just like her mother. No matter how long we left her out, as long as we remembered her, she would embrace us with enthusiasm and enlighten us with wisdom. 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