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I sent my son to the kindergarten at nine o’clock in the morning. The name of the kindergarten is: Little Doctor Kindergarten. My son was very excited to see a lot of children in the room and soon got into it. It seemed that he enjoyed the noisy noise and was very novel with soRead More



[Introduction]: the iron fence in the city visually destroys the harmony and beauty of the whole city. Although today’s anti-theft Cage has many improvements in style and materials, but after all, it is an iron frame covered on the window, and there is no sense of beauty in any way. City the city I liveRead More


Quiet night

[Introduction] live in 90 of us, no experience of war, but pressure as ever. After 80 s of work, I often recalled the details of the university campus. I think university is an indispensable part of a wonderful life. Sitting quietly beside the bed, reading the books on the bedside casually, savoring the peace tonightRead More