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Maybe Mars

[Introduction]: in the middle of the journey, I suddenly hear it faintly. It is not ____ that the soul feels a kind of sound like thunder rolling in. The louder the sound goes, the faster the vibration of the soul goes. Suddenly, an amazing scene appeared in front of us. In August, I came to Xi’an Terracotta Warriors and horses which I had been longing for for for a long time. The tour guide explained in her Mandarin with Northern Shaanxi accent in a sensational tone: there were more than 1300 pottery figurines and horses and more than 80 chariots in Pit 2, tens of thousands of bronze weapons. It is the most pit among the Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shihuang. Pit 2 consists of chariot group, step warriors, Knight warriors and Tao pommel horse warriors. The crossbowman opened his bow and shot an arrow, staring at the front, kneeling and standing in different ways; The general figurines were self-contained, not surprised at the moment, and imposing; The taoma was strong in shape, full of muscles, standing with his head raised. The whole Terracotta Warriors array is arranged vertically and horizontally, combined into a array, with spectacular momentum. After listening to the explanation, I stood in front of the No. 2 pit for a long time, trying to connect the description in his explanation with the figurines I saw, and I wanted to carefully understand the scene of the noisy people and horses over 2,000 years ago, feel its grandeur and tolerance. But I couldn’t find that feeling at all. I thought silently: Using stiff clay sculpture to show the grandeur of life seems a little dead in any way. The first Emperor of Qin in those years must be accompanied by the powerful and powerful military force of Qin dynasty forever after his death. But after all, under the ground, people who have not seen the sunshine for thousands of years, where can the life be fresh and wonderful? Is it brave for the lonely soul or wants to use it to rule the territory of the hell? Of course, maybe I don’t have the imagination of poets and the reasoning of philosophers at all, and I can’t feel the meaning and strength of its life, let alone the glory of unifying six countries in the pre-Qin period and the glory of triumph. It is really helpless, and there is only a mystery that is incomprehensible and magnificent. In September, I visited Jiuxiang in Kunming. It is said that the stream of Jiuxiang is a tributary of Pearl River. How can we verify it? Travel halfway suddenly faintly heard, not ____ is mind feel a voice like thunder rolling, overtaking sound voice is bigger, overtaking mind shock more rapidly. Suddenly, an amazing scene appeared in front of us. The water from the stream to the cliff was blocked and divided into two strands, one big and one small, like two yellow ribbons floating on the cliff, running down from the steep cliff, with thunder, falling to the rock, deafening, the water surface stirred up thousands of waves, and then dispersed into fog, permeating the face. I took a deep breath, and the mist was refreshing and inspiring. The waterfall flowing down by two streams is not only magnificent and magnificent, but also graceful and lingering, never leaving. Therefore, it is called male and female waterfall. The drop between male and female waterfalls is extremely large. The waterfall is 30 meters high and the maximum flow is 320 cubic meters per second. If a generator set can be installed at the bottom of the waterfall implicitly, the electricity generated will definitely solve the underground lighting of the whole Jiuxiang Scenic Spot, which can also be regarded as a part of green tourism. This scene at this moment, my mind involuntarily returned to the Terracotta Warriors in the tomb of Qin Emperor. What if the female and male waterfalls accompany the terracotta warriors? What if the terracotta warriors and horses dance with them beside the male and female waterfall? Only when one is quiet and moving, silent and vocal, artificial and natural, can the noble music of the winner be displayed, and the magnificence, broadness and magnificence of the unity of heaven and earth be displayed. Unfortunately, this time I drove more than a thousand kilometers, but I didn’t go to Hukou waterfall due to time reasons. Otherwise, the Terracotta Warriors, male and female waterfalls and Hukou waterfall will be superimposed, what kind of spiritual shock and shock will freeze? 2008-9-2 in Kunming Jiuxiang [Editor in charge: Man Tree]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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