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Old saying

Title: Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and it is the most beautiful scenery of the five-thousand-year-old Chinese civilization. There are the depth of hundreds of philosophers, the magnificence of Tang and Song poems, and the wide variety of novels of Ming and Qing Dynasties. However, those idioms and sayings that have been passed down to this day also have a special flavor. But those old sayings burst out from our mouths, and how many people can see clearly the original meaning reflected by them? How many people can understand the stories it hides? Why don’t we boil the old sayings today? At first, I made a living out of nothing. Once when I was in the class of senior mathematics, I heard two female classmates arguing about something, so I leaned over to listen to what happened. One classmate said to another classmate: Why did the book I just lost? Did you hide it. Another classmate was unhappy: Why are you like this? If you lost something, you said I took it. Isn’t it out of thin air? No matter what happened afterwards or who was right or wrong, let’s focus on nothing. I believe that many friends think that there is nothing out of thin air. This sentence is very appropriate. The meaning in modern Chinese dictionary is that metaphor has no facts and is fabricated out of thin air. However, if I let Lao Tzu who created this word know that this word has become a real derogatory term, I don’t know if I can still say calmly: nothing, then nothing. There is nothing out of the blue the earliest comes from Lao Tzu’s chapter 40 of the Tao Te Ching. Everything in the world is born in existence and born in nothing. Nothing is Lao Tzu’s classic philosophical proposition, which is Lao Tzu’s thinking about heaven and earth, all things and life. Before the beginning of heaven and earth, there was nothing, and there was nothing, there was heaven and earth, there was everything, and there was life. After that, Wei Xiangzi, a military strategist, transferred the additional thought of this philosophical proposition to the art of war, which became a classic of thirty-six plans. No representation is false, and some representation is true. There is nothing out of the blue, that is, true or false, false or false, true or false, true or false. The actual situation changes with each other, disturbing the enemy, causing the enemy to make mistakes in judgment and action. It indeed conforms to the rapidly changing form of the battlefield. Later, it became the idiom we know now through literal meaning. Summary: when we follow the steps of history and see the gradual evolution of nothing, we naturally have a question whether the change of word meaning is further and further away from the original meaning, or is it more in line with the thinking concept of modern people?. Perhaps, we already have our own answers in our hearts. As an old saying is cooked today, there is a special taste attached to my heart: the classic example of the war that is born out of nothing at the end of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Fu Jian, the Former Qin Emperor, occupied the north of China, and he wanted to destroy the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Therefore, Fu Jian comprised soldiers from all over the country, and finally recruited millions of soldiers to launch large-scale attacks to East Jin. However, at this time in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, there were only over 80,000 troops that could be deployed to fight, less than one tenth of Fu Jian’s. In October, the Former Qin army led by Fu Rong captured Shouyang, an important town in the west bank of Feishui (now Shouyang county, Anhui province), and trapped one of the Eastern Jin army who came to support in qiagu (Fengtai county, Anhui province), and he controlled Luojian (Dingyuan county, Anhui province), so as to prevent the Jin army led by Xie Shi and Xie Xuan who came from the east to rescue. Xie Shi had to camp 25 miles away from Luojian. The former Qin army was complacent for the victory of the first battle, only waiting for the Jin army to surrender. Xie Shi sent 5,000 people to attack the battalion of Qin army secretly in the dark while the enemy relaxed their vigilance. Liang Cheng, the chief general, was killed and a large number of Qin troops jumped into huaishui to die in panic. This battle, qin army killed and injured more than 15,000 people. Therefore, the Jin army lifted the encirclement of Qiushi and pursued to the east bank of huaishui by victory, facing the Qin army across the river. From a distance, Qin army saw the flag of Jin army on the east bank fluttering, the lineup was neat, and the sound of practising and killing enemies came from the foot of the mountain, and a gust of north wind blew, The grass and trees in the mountains and fields were blown one after another. Qin army thought that the mountains and plains were covered by Jin army, and they all felt panic (this was the origin of cultivating all the grass and trees). Xie Shi sent an envoy to cross the river and told Fu Jian that he asked the Qin army to give up a piece of land so that the Jin army could cross the river and fight with it. Fu Jian didn’t pay attention to the Jin army at all. He thought that the Jin army was throwing themselves into the net and agreed to retreat for several miles to give up a battlefield. The Qin army was originally a scattered army forced from all over the country, but it was frightened by all the grass and trees at first. In this retreat, the officers and soldiers rushed back one after another, and hundreds of thousands of troops were in a mess; the Spies of Jin army mixed in the Qin army took advantage of the chaos and shouted that Qin army was defeated!, Qin army of the rear array thought that the front array was in defeat, and turned around and fled back. Seeing that the enemy array was in chaos, the Jin army took advantage of the situation to cross the river to cover it. The Qin general Fu Rong was killed by a random knife, and the Qin army lost the commander, which was even more panic. The Jin army pursued the victory and won a complete victory. Fu Jian ran back to Luoyang hurriedly with a shoulder injury and only hundreds of thousands of horses left. 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