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To parent

[Introduction]: if people live without family affection, you will lose the whole world and life is meaningless. I feel ashamed for myself and the workers. Our parents have worked so hard to raise us up for more than twenty years and less than ten years. How much is returned, ten days, twenty days are veryRead More



A Yan, a friend, called and said that Dong Mei, a classmate in high school, was married and asked if I could go. There were four classes in the afternoon, so I asked for leave and took a bus to the city in a hurry. After getting off the bus, I was wondering whether aRead More


Night and

The same groggy life was staged in the groggy carriage. Life was like a play. Who is the director and who is recording, making all this bloody eyes. Red Orange yellow green blue purple, all black and white. The splash-ink like a dream was so deliberately outlined, artificial and tried to hide. Why do IRead More