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[Introduction] because of the rain, there are not many people playing in the youth forest. Therefore, we quickly found a place to play table tennis. However, after the baptism of rain, the ground and table tennis table are very humid, which has certain influence on the play. The day when my son was born was very special, on the Mid-Autumn Festival. Every year, my son has to eat two cakes, one is moon cake and the other is birthday cake. Today is my son’s eleventh birthday. Early in the morning, my son got up. I said hello to my son: handsome boy, happy double festivals! My son smiled, revealing two big teeth like rabbits, and responded quickly: Dad, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! In this way, on a new day, my communication with my son began. In fact, it has been more than three years since I broke up with my son’s mother due to emotional and personality reasons. In business, I am responsible for my son’s supervision and all the expenses, which is also my own requirement. The relationship between me and her was well handled. Just like a relative, if you have anything happy, you should inform each other and share good news. If you need help, just call each other, we will try our best to complete it. For the growth of the baby, every year when our son is born, we will discuss and give him a meaningful arrangement. Of course, first of all, we should ask for the advice of our son to see what legitimate demands he has. The arrangement for my son this year is to go to Fengyu to see the Half Moon Mountain Buddha in the morning and play table tennis in the youth forest in the afternoon. Of course, my son is very happy. Because of the reason of going to school, he has not been out of the city for a long time. At ten o’clock in the morning, the baby’s mother came over with Geely Panda. My son and I took the prepared umbrella, food, knife and fork, fruit, clothes and so on downstairs and carried them to the car. Last night, the sky had been crying all night. At this time, it was still sobbing. The Sky’s face was rotten because there was no sun today. When the breeze blows, there is really a little coolness of autumn. The road was wet and moving back quickly; The clusters of green, fresh and bright along the way waved to us and said goodbye to us. My son was very uneasy. He rummaged through the boxes and cabinets in the car, and touched them for a while, which was very dynamic. She drove carefully and galloped on the road, answering the baby’s questions from time to time. Of course, I also lost the opportunity to put the marinated flavor such as pigtail and arch mouth into their mouths one by one. They tasted it beautifully, relaxed and happy. Suddenly, the marinated flavor, music and dialect incense were mixed together, which made a romantic harmony in the car. About five or ten minutes, we came to a flat ground under the Fengyue Mountain, the first target place. There are about 500 square meters, which can be used for parking, and some farmers live in scattered areas around. It is almost 12 o’clock, I suggest to have lunch before playing. One is that I am already hungry, and the other is that I relieve the fatigue of driving. I got a consistent response from both mother and son: This suggestion is good, just do as you say! I quickly took out the prepared lunch from the bag and arranged them one by one in the newspaper, which was really rich: oranges, apples, braised pig arch mouth, braised pig tail, braised chicken feet, braised duck wings, braised goose claw, moon cake, pickled mustard, beverage, etc. My son looked at it and gave out wow. Then, he smiled brightly. She looked at the scene and smiled knowingly. I poured the drinks and handed them to them. We raised our glasses and clashed together, saying our best wishes: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Wish son happy birthday! Lunch officially begins. I leaned my neck and drank half a cup. It was so sweet, as if it was not a drink but honey. I used a fork to feed the marinated flavor they wanted to eat into their mouths again and again. Seeing them eating with fragrance, I am so happy today. I asked my son: is it delicious? Delicious, my son replied, “Are you happy?” I asked again, “Happy! My son answered loudly. I asked her: Are you happy? She smiled lightly and nodded. Today, my son is a red flower, and I am a green leaf with her. As long as the red flower is blooming, the Green Leaf will serve as a foil. She divided the moon cake into small pieces and sent them to my son and me. They were so sweet and fragrant. The next step is to pile drinks instead of wine. In order to decide the order, we used stones, scissors and cloth to draw punches. Of course, my son won the championship, I won the second place, and she won the third place. My son took up the cup and walked to her. She said, “to your father first. I said: Ladies first! My son said: Right. She looked at me and her son again and smiled happily. My son first gave her a salute with the etiquette of Young Pioneers, then held up the cup with both hands and said to her: Mom, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy birthday. Thank you for giving birth and raising me. I will study hard and try my best to be a good child. Mom, I miss you! Then, like me, I raised my neck and stored the respect for my mother in my heart. My son filled himself with drinks and walked towards me with tears in his eyes. Like her mother, he gave me a team gift first, holding a cup with both hands and saying to me: Dad, it’s hard! I wish you a Happy Double festival and thank you for taking care of me like your mother. I must study hard to be a useful person to the society. I replied: son, dad, I wish you good study and strong growth. Your efforts, your healthy growth and your progress are the meaning of Dad’s efforts. Although there were only three people at this lunch, we had it for a whole hour. After a simple rest, we started to head for Half Moon Mountain. Up along the stone level, about six minutes, came to the foot of the giant Buddha. This giant Buddha, located in the center of Half Moon Mountain, was listed as the national cultural relic protection object in 1991. The government funded the maintenance and built a visiting platform, guardrail and so on. It is said that this is the third largest cliff carved Buddha statue in Sichuan. Leshan Giant Buddha ranked first and Rong county giant Buddha ranked second. The whole bottle of Giant Buddha is in a posture, wearing a clam, hands touching on the knees, eyes looking straight, ears fat, as if the mouth is praying for something, and the face is peaceful and devout, with the style of Buddha. The whole Buddha is about 5 meters tall and 3 meters wide. With a sense of curiosity, my son walked around under the feet of the giant Buddha and asked many strange questions. Some of them are still a question now. His son shook hands with the giant Buddha and touched the feet of the giant Buddha, dreaming to find the answer. But how did he know that the stone would not speak, and how could people communicate with the stone? In front of the Buddha, his son made many naughty gestures and entered the shutter of the mobile phone. After watching the beauty of the giant Buddha, we marched towards the Half Moon Mountain. Upward, it is a very narrow stone path, winding and winding, going up and steeper. My son was in front of us, running up like a rabbit. I reminded him: pay attention to safety. He replied: I know! It disappeared after a while. I held her in hand and climbed up slowly. Despite the mountain wind, I still sweated. About ten minutes, we reached the top of the Half Moon Mountain. Finding our son is our first task. I shouted my son’s name, but there was no response. At this time, my son suddenly ran out of that small room and laughed, saying that he wanted to give us a surprise. Seeing his naughty appearance, I couldn’t bear to spoil his interest. Just tell him: safety comes first when you go out, and you must pay attention to safety! This is a hilly area. Half Moon Mountain is much higher than the surrounding hills. Standing on the top of the Half Moon Mountain, the feeling of small mountains appeared spontaneously. Ah, it is really beautiful. There were many pine trees and mountain grass in the mountain stream. When the wind came, the forest and the pine waves began to sound, and the mountain grass poured forward one after another. Even myself, I felt difficulty in breathing. Looking far away, half moon mountain seems to be an isolated island surrounded by green sea. The hills in the distance are green coastline, shallow, gradually losing clarity and becoming more and more hazy. The clusters of dark clouds were floating on the top of the coastline at a speed, forming a circle and rotating, in order to make the green sea full of green tides. Between the Half Moon Mountain and the Green coastline, there are pieces of fragrant green citrus production base. The short orange trees were covered with green fruits. I think this is a gift from season to autumn. The red and white small foreign buildings have already been the habitat of farmers, scattered in the green forest, which has injected new elements into the green over and over again. There are also the concrete roads in the countryside, like a gray snake, slowly winding in and climbing in all directions. It was green and quiet all the time, and only farmers worked leisurely in the land. Looking at everything in front of him, my son shouted in the wind: How comfortable! If only our home were here! I stand on the Half Moon Mountain, fantasy. Is this another undeveloped virgin land? Enveloped the pleasant tranquility written by Tao Yuanming in Jin Dynasty? I have seen that the new socialist countryside is moving towards another level of prosperity. Time flies so fast, it is already 2:30 pm. With our attachment to green, we said goodbye to the Half Moon Mountain in a hurry, aiming at the youth forest. Because of the rain, not many people played in the youth forest. Therefore, we quickly found a place to play table tennis. However, after the baptism of rain, the ground and table tennis table are very humid, which has certain influence on the play. I asked my son: Are you still playing? My son said firmly: I must play it! We must resolutely do what we have set. I replied: OK, as long as the handsome boy is happy, play with you! Although my son is still young, he is very lethal in one move, I dare not despise him. Table tennis jumped from one end to the other on the stage. My son wore glasses, opened his mouth big, waving his hands in the air. I played three games with my son, and he won two. When my son won, he jumped up and laughed brightly, shouting that I finally won! I finally won! More happy than Wang Nan won the championship, the game will end eventually. The day was very short and passed quickly. Looking at my son’s happy appearance, I silently blessed in my heart: I wish him a happy growth and progress in study! I wish my son grow up to be an elegant person, a confident person, an upright person, a caring person, a responsible person and a person pursuing progress, A person beneficial to society and people! 2010.09.22 [Responsible editor: yi er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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