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Induced children

Dear son! Today is the fifth day of winter, and the weather starts the first snow of this year. Through the glass, when you look at the heavy snow flying outside the window, from your eager eyes, I can see your curiosity and expectation for this snow. However, if you catch a cold, we haveRead More


-Style non-

The sunshine embraced the thoughts of the wind, and let the thoughts swing leisurely against the shoulders of the wind. The wind became the coat of the thoughts. The belt was getting wider and wider with integrity. Looking back and staring at the wind without trace, I missed each other unintentionally. There was no traceRead More



The May Day holiday is seven days long, which is really exciting. I plan to use these days to read more books and go out with my children. Although the time is not short, I feel it is not enough. On the first day of the holiday, after breakfast, I found a pile of booksRead More