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Malicious love

If I could hold your hands so gently, I would surely hope you could understand the memory in my hands… I once said that I would love it very much, but now, it is just the size of several meters of sunshine. Besides sunshine, it is cool and dark. Besides sunshine, you are not there.Read More


Winter Night

I looked at the place where flowers once bloomed in the distance. My memory spread in the dark night of winter. I wanted to fly into snowflakes and drift away in the sky, but I couldn’t, I can only pad my toes. I passed by and missed your window edge. I was chasing and thinkingRead More



[Introduction]: Will children without love become lonely? Will children without love become selfish? However, what should those children who have become accustomed to being alone do? There are a lot of love in the world, and love will be favored when fate comes. When you are alone, you often think of a sentence: love isRead More