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[Introduction] Christmas is coming, I should buy eye cream for Xiaolin in Fuzhou, and I want to send it to her in advance. Not long after I arrived outside Shenzhen pass, I haven’t been anywhere. I don’t know where to sell cosmetics with better brands. Therefore, at work, I asked her what brand of eye cream she would buy, where to buy, etc. Sweettalk,isreadyfortheleftear…I llalwaysrememberthatI’velovedyou… ——— left ear —- in memory of a girl who regards love as life, Qian is super sexy, singing and dancing, and her electric hip is more beautiful than Li Xiaoli. When he smiled, he showed a lovely big crescent moon, wrinkled nose and funny look. He was very good at talking, so he was very popular and loved by everyone. On Valentine’s Day, Qian was unhappy and always loved her boyfriend Yao gave him a bunch of roses and asked her to play. But Qian didn’t want to go, so she refused him, and threw the bunch of roses into the trash can face to face. She had been waiting for cold to appear in time, and she just wanted to have a story with this boy named cold. Perhaps, Qian had never thought about having a story with this boy named Han at the beginning. It was very cold in the winter of Shenzhen that year. One day half a month before Christmas, a young girl suddenly came to me and said to me with a drag: Sir, give me ten cents! Christmas is coming, I will save 24 pieces to buy an apple and make a wish! Coincidentally, I had a brand new coin in my pocket, so I went to her station and gave it to her. I also told her: pretty girl, I want to calculate the interest! This is how we met. Maybe I started to pay attention to her from this time. Her name is Hu Xiqian (read xi ), Sichuan MM, no one knows in the company. At first, I had no feeling for her at all, because she was very famous and bad, just like Li Ba, a little sister, her personality is not the style I want. She has long curved eyelashes, strong eye shadow, black T-shirt, exaggerated smile and dragging walking posture, and her 20cm long scar hidden on her forehead by long curly hair (left for friends fighting in a bar) …… she is very good at scolding, fighting, smoking, singing and playing, almost anything. Therefore, at the beginning, I told many people that I like ladies, and I would never like a wild girl like her, nor would she like a very ordinary boy like me. However, what happened in the end surprised everyone. At first, I just thought she was very funny, and sometimes I also talked a few words. She is very good at talking and interesting. I like her exaggerated smile, just like a happy fruit, which gives people a happy feeling. Maybe I was used to playing around before, so I didn’t respect girls and always liked to put my hand on her shoulder deliberately. At this time, she was always very angry and would scold fiercely: MB, men and women are not close to each other, stay away from me! Then he stepped on me heavily, sometimes he would fly me, and then he escaped desponately. At that time, the feeling she gave me was more fierce than BA. At that time, I was really wronged, and my tears almost fell down. Seeing her like this, I didn’t think any more. Just like a colleague, I chatted when I was bored at work and played billiards normally after work. Anyway, I don’t like her, and I also have a girlfriend. Forget it, don’t be crazy with her. Christmas is coming, I should buy eye cream for Xiaolin in Fuzhou, and I want to send it to her in advance. Not long after I arrived outside Shenzhen pass, I haven’t been anywhere. I don’t know where to sell cosmetics with better brands. Therefore, at work, I asked her what brand of eye cream she would buy, where to buy, etc. She said, there is a counter in Wanzhong city, which is for Xiaolin zi! You really good! I was surprised: How did you know?! She said: I have known for a long time. Half a month ago, I accidentally read all your information by playing your mobile phone. Moreover, you secretly go to the bathroom to send her messages when you go to work every day, right? I said: your eyesight is too strong! Even you know this! Admire. In fact, at that time, she began to be jealous vaguely. However, she pretended not to care even before I fell in love with her. That night, I had to work overtime, so I went to Wanzhong city alone to buy eye cream because I couldn’t spare time during the day. Before going there, I made an appointment with Qian and a girl nicknamed monkey to play billiards. After I bought it, it was already over 10 o’clock. All my colleagues who worked overtime were off duty, and many of them were playing outside. I passed the place outside the company where I was dancing Disic in the open air and saw her and her handsome boyfriend playing billiards with the monkey girl. At that time, I pretended not to see it, so I sneaked into that billion Speed Network city secretly, but there was an inexplicable sadness in my heart. I am asking myself: Am I jealous? maybe! How strange! As soon as I entered the Internet cafe and opened QQ, I saw her online. Did I misread it just now?! Not her? I asked her. She said: I just played billiards with my boyfriend. It was very late, and he went back. Wow! She is incredibly fast! My heart exclaimed. Online, I only chat with Kobayashi. After a while, she asked me which machine I was on. She said she wanted to download mp3 and asked me if there was a good machine next to me. I said I was on plane 46, and there was just one next to it. She sat next to me once. When I was surfing the Internet, Lin Zi and I were both talking about eye cream. Later, when we walked out of the Internet cafe, I noticed that she looked very unhappy and kept lowering her head and went into her dormitory without saying a word. Later, I realized that when I was chatting with Lin, she saw it. Her jealous. Later, I didn’t know why I was still surfing the Internet in that Internet cafe one night after work. Unexpectedly, I sat in the same chair with her and watched horror movies together. The first time I saw a horror movie called split-mouth woman, it was about a woman who had no mouth and killed people specially with a sharp knife, which was horrible. When she was watching the film, she was sitting on a chair with a pair of big eyes staring at the screen, frowning and biting her fingers with her teeth. She was very serious and cute, it is also very funny. Because she sat together and was very crowded, she wore the headset and turned the receiver on the left to my side, so my right ear was close to her left ear. I blew the wind beside her left ear on purpose, and I said, you look so cute, really! She’s not reaction. Suddenly, when her attention shifted from the screen to me, she gave me a crazy push. I laughed badly. When I deliberately put my nose close to her mouth, I heard her rapid breathing. I really wanted to kiss her, but that time, I didn’t. She said that she didn’t believe in love and wouldn’t really like men. One day, we didn’t work overtime, and the Internet cafes outside were full, so I took her to the home called Lijia self-service KTV in Longhua Foxconn community for the first time. I said it was very lively there, how about we go shopping? She readily agreed. She is very good at singing, and likes Xiao Yaxuan and Liang jinru. She dances and dances when singing. She is very devoted and beautiful. Her eyes told me that every capital she sang was like singing for me. I like watching her singing, because when I saw Qian singing, her face was filled with happiness. On the way back, the cold wind danced the scarf of the concubine, which was very messy and unexpectedly beautiful. Qian and I walked a long and long way in the crowded street against the cold wind. Looking at the bright smiles on the gray people’s faces on the street all the way, I couldn’t help feeling a little moved in my heart, not envy, but moved, in addition to being deeply touched, which way can we choose to see such a smile in this excessively realistic world? Qian asked me: Do you dare to kiss me on the street under the broad sun? Busy Oh! I replied: Why dare not! So I kissed her crazily on the street, and the whole world seemed to become their world instantly… then, I picked up Qian happily. I said: Qian, you look very charming. Why did you find you a little heavy after holding you up! Qian smiled: who said that? I am born sexy and plump, OK? You must not be able to carry me?! I pouted with disdain: cut! If I can’t carry you back, I will ride you back as a horse. I carried Qian on my back. In order not to let her fall down easily, I pushed Qian high, almost to my shoulder. Therefore, I carried Qian on my back and ran forward desperately. Qian was laughing all the time, and I was also laughing with anger. Their laughter was blown far away by the wind. It seemed that the whole world could see their happiness. I asked Qian: I am like the wind, without direction, maybe happiness will be fleeting. Men all over the world will be better than me. What on earth do you love me? Qian really said a paragraph in my left ear that I will never forget, which made me burst into tears and deeply felt a kind of true love: I have found the feeling that makes my heart beat. In this winter, I have found the feeling that makes me move. In this winter, I have found the person that makes me worth giving. In this winter, I have found the person that makes me happy. People who have to take care of themselves moved me in this winter, because I met you. I love everything, so I want to book your whole life. One day later, I heard Miss monkey saying that Qian would not choose me instead of her boyfriend. She would never choose me because her boyfriend treated her so well. However, I know very well in my heart that actually she doesn’t love that boy. Since we went to Li Jia to sing, she seldom met her boyfriend again. She didn’t even send a short message or make a phone call. When her boyfriend came to her, she always found excuses to push her off. Her mobile phone is always turned off to him. I asked her why she did this? She said: I am for you, to accompany you more, I will accompany you! Remember, no matter what, I didn’t play with my feelings. If you deceive my mother’s feelings, I will definitely beat you to have a son. She was such a girl. In order to pursue her love, she was clean and neat, just like a moth flaming fire. She clearly knew that I lied to her, but she still chose to trust me and pay for me, preferring to give up everything. I cried. I gradually realized that it was too wrong to turn back to this step. I was moved by her, and finally I fell in love with her. But I was always selfish. She always cried because of the affair between Lin and me. At that time, I couldn’t bear to break up with Lin immediately, and even didn’t want to delete every photo of her in my space. I am very selfish to Qian. Therefore, every day in the company afterwards, I did everything for her with all my heart and liked to see her happy expression. I hope I can give everything as much as possible, even if I get hurt. Because only in this way can I live up to myself and reduce the debt of love I owe. In that winter in Shenzhen, Qian became very lovely for me. She surrounded me with her whole world, which made me feel very happy. After I left Shenzhen to go home for the Spring Festival, she had been waiting for me to go back, but I never went back. She had been immersed in the pain of breathing and hated me very much. In the next year, she told me that she had married at home. Maybe, from the beginning, we were a fault, and everything was my fault. Obviously I have a girlfriend and she also has a boyfriend, but I still approach her shamelessly, saying sweet words in her left ear, making her fall in love with me regardless of everything, let her break up with her former BF. I succeeded, I got, but what did I prove? The harder it is to get, the more you want, get, get, you must get, but you won’t cherish it. Is this the classic sense of achievement in my heart?! Later, my left ear was deaf for several months. Later on, I was separated from Xiao Linzi and became a stranger. I also got what I deserved. I am guilty and hurt too many people. Therefore, from that moment on, I no longer spend my heart, read every girl’s mind casually, and love the people around me wholeheartedly. I can only hide those memories deep in my heart. Those memories are no longer gray, but colorful. This time, I won’t escape anything any more, and I will recall the memory of that winter as my last Memorial. After all, I have been hiding from the outside world for so many years, and I have never mentioned anything to her. I think only being honest can I live up to her — Qian. Maybe, anyway, I managed to make her hate me very much. I was very cheap at that time, which was true. I believe that there will be angels who love her for me and love her very much. I wish them happiness forever! The poor child in the past had already died and could never come back. Those memories are beautiful, but I will never recall them again. 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