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[Introduction] What is home? Home is a warm corner of Hong Kong, a relaxing place for people, a place where relatives and relatives get together, and a good place for healing, but in a year, I have never been back home several times. On Thursday, April 8th, 2010, the rain turned sunny. Last night, it rained heavily. Suddenly, there were two thunderstorms. A cold wind blew out of the window, and the cold wind invaded. I had a lot of thoughts, but I was more worried. I was afraid that my father would get cold in the hospital bed and no one would add the quilt. This is my father’s second chemotherapy in the hospital. We are like the first time. We stay with him during the day. At night, my father insisted that we go back to rest, as usual, yesterday, my sister took care of my father, and tomorrow, I will take care of my father after work. Hiding in the bed, I felt totally sleepy and missed my father whom I had never met for fifteen days. Was he fat or thin? Was the illness lighter or more serious? My mind was full of father’s shadow, but I felt that father’s appearance was blurred. Father’s shadow seemed to fade gradually. Maybe I hadn’t seen father for too long. After work, I hurried to the hospital. I walked into the hospital which I hadn’t stepped in for half a month and felt so familiar. I took a deep breath and ran from the first floor to the seventh floor. I went straight to my father’s ward. At the gate of the ward, I stopped and adjusted my breath, I am afraid that my father will see me in a hurry. Finally, I adjusted my steps and walked into my father’s ward lightly. As soon as I stepped into the ward, I heard my father calling my name. I agreed to go to my father. However, I found that my father’s voice changed and became a little hoarse, which surprised me. Looking at my father, I found that my father was thinner. I saw his collarbone bulged out and his skin was thin. Except for the wrinkles left by years, his face was deeply stuck in the flesh, it showed two low-lying places, which could hold a pool of water. My father was very tired and haggard, but my father’s eyes were bright when he looked at me. I knew that my father must have been sleepless last night, which seemed so fragile, but my father’s eyes were in high spirits because he saw the daughter he missed day and night. Looking at such a thin father, I felt sad in my heart. After my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, he became thinner and thinner day by day. He was 168cm tall and weighed only 50kg. My father was as thin as firewood. The slender fingers have already jumped out of the blue. The drip needle was inserted into my father’s hand, and 1.1 drops of liquid flowed into his father’s blood. The drip tube was full color, which was different from the ordinary one. Looking at the 1.1 drops of medicine, at this time, I was anxious to be a component of the medicine. In that case, I could help my father kill those damned cancer cells and save his life. In that case, my father would not bear the severe pain of thousands of knives and thousands of blows, which would make my heart hurt. Then my father leaned against the bed for a while, pressed his chest with one hand, buried his head deep in front of his brain, and his face turned purple, and continually moaning, or sitting in the chair with clothes for a while, leaning against the chair to resist the pain of thousands of arrows piercing the heart. My father chatted with me while taking intravenous drip. With my father, my father is not lonely and bored. You came as soon as your sister left; My father also said that there was a young man whose family name was Li in the ward, who was the same as us. He also said that there was a child in the ward who had leukemia at the age of eight, but he was very strong every day, never afraid of injection and medicine, and often joked with his grandfather. Listening to all the trivial things my father said, this was what my father never mentioned before he was not ill. Maybe the hospital was too stuffy and my father was too lonely, so he talked and passed the time. A grandfather of father’s clinic went through the discharge formalities. All the people in the ward looked at them happily and said some blessings. Maybe they were in the same boat. They took care of each other and comforted each other. They built a deep friendship in a short time. When they left, their father and son said happily: I wish you a speedy recovery, goodbye. However, all of them in the ward said at the same time: you will never go back to this place. Goodbye and have a pleasant journey. Looking at their gradually far away back, I stood beside my father, and looked at the Medicine flowing into his father’s blood 1.1 drops. I felt like crying, I am looking forward to my father’s leaving the hospital one day and saying goodbye to his patients and never coming back. It took more than two hours to drip a bottle. My father had to drip three bottles a day. My father had to lean on the bed for six hours. It was already time to have lunch after my father finished two bottles. I walked up to my father and said to him softly: Dad, I went to my sister’s place to pick up the meal. My father gathered a tough smile and motioned me to pick up the meal. Walking out of the hospital, there was still drizzle in the sky, holding the rain and carrying the rice bucket. Passing the path of Lin Yin, I was full of my father’s hoarse voice. I was worried, I was afraid. Everyone knows that this kind of voice means declaring the danger of life, meaning that whenever and wherever, my father will die, my world begins to snow, and I am afraid. Thinking about it, my tears came down. I felt that the umbrella had lost its warmth and happiness, so I raised my head, put it away, and walked along the busy road, the drizzle drifted into his eyes and rolled down with tears. It streaked across his cheek and flowed into his mouth. The painful expression was so helpless and lonely. Walking, I was almost there. I wiped away my tears, but I couldn’t erase the sadness in my heart. I still held up the umbrella that Lost Warmth. No matter whether I used it or not, my heart snowed and shot down my strength. But I still smiled farfetched, I am I was afraid that my sister would see my weakness, and I didn’t want to see my sadness. Finally I arrived at my sister’s place. I ate two bites in a hurry and put the soup and food prepared by my sister into the tape. I pulled my sister to a corner and asked gently: Dad’s voice is wrong. Sister replied: Yesterday was still good, maybe it was cold last night. Dad told the doctor that he coughed up some bloodshot a few days ago. My heart was very scared. Why didn’t my father tell me? Are you afraid that I can’t bear it? If it weren’t for my elder sister staying with my father to listen to him, I thought he was hiding it from us, which made us worry about him and fear that we would be sad. My father had a lot of bad luck, but he suffered everything brought by fate alone. He never let his children know, never let me worry, poor parents all over the world. Walking on the way to deliver meals and food, the rain suddenly stopped, and the sun’s rays appeared on the horizon. The sunshine always shines after the wind and rain, which naturally makes me feel a little better. The depressed mood suddenly becomes enlightened, which makes me hope and I believe that my father can also get better, all diseases are only temporary. Come on, father, you can certainly do it, just like the sunshine after rain, giving people hope and light. My father is still playing drip. I’m afraid it will be in the afternoon when the drip is finished. So I went to my father’s bed cabinet, washed the tableware, poured the soup in the thermos into the bowl, and gave it to my father when it was cooler. My father said that he wanted to get out of bed, and his butt was painful. He wanted to change to a chair. I helped my father get out of bed and let him sit down. After I scooped the soup with a spoon and blew it cold, I put it in my father’s mouth. My father took a bite and was embarrassed to take the second bite. My father insisted that he would never take the second bite, I had to put the soup on the bedside table, and my father ate it while taking intravenous drip. Suddenly, I found that there was a large scar on my father’s left hand, which you didn’t have before you got sick. I was surprised and couldn’t help asking what happened to my father? Seeing my nervous look, my father comforted me with a smile and said with a smile: It was the last injection that was left without an injection. My tears were clearly circling around my eyes. I regretted my father, but I didn’t cry. I raised my head and asked with a smile: Dad, what do you want to eat at night? My sister asked me to ask you? My father put the spoon in the Bowl and said with a smile, “there is no smell when eating anything, so I bought some Haws, which can be naturalized in my mouth. After my father finished speaking, he drank the soup again. I put the rice in the soup. My father ate a little rice by the way, and then all the smelly mouths were poured out. Help father washing tableware, I seating on father the foot of sight with father, silently be by his side, occasionally watch drip 1.1 drops infiltration of blood. Sitting beside my father silently and accompanying him, my father can close his eyes peacefully and have a rest quietly, although it is a moment, but I know this is the happiest thing for my father, because he has his daughter guarding him and accompanying him. After the medicine was finished, I ran to the nurse station and called the nurse. When the nurse came, the needle woke up his father. Any trouble might wake him up, because his father couldn’t fall asleep because of pain. He closed his eyes slightly, I just resisted strongly in front of my daughter. For several hours, I stayed with my father all the time, just like this. Even if I did nothing, I believed that my father would not be lonely any more. The nurse who took the temperature came and took the thermometer to my father. I took the thermometer and put it under my father’s arm. My father still closed his eyes slightly. Five minutes later, my father asked me to take it out accurately. I just had the right time. I sighed that my father’s preparation for the estimation of time was correct. At first glance, it was 36.6 ℃, so I gently put it on the bedside table. In fact, when it comes to the thermometer, I learned it in the fifth grade of primary school, which was taught by my father. I left, went to the supermarket to buy Haws my father wanted to eat, and then went to the cake shop to buy some noodles and watches. I found it difficult for my father to eat rice grains, so I bought some bread to see if my father could eat some. However, I went to sister Nati Tang again, and walked on the road I had already been familiar with, walking towards the hospital, and my mood was once lost to the extreme. When I arrived at the hospital, my father smiled at me. I didn’t know what my father would look like when he opened his eyes and didn’t see me. Will you be very disappointed and worried. I walked on my father’s bedside table, gently put things on it, and washed the tableware again. My father said the soup was still hot and he wanted to wash his feet. I went to the bathroom to fetch water. I tried it with my hand. It was just right, neither cold nor hot, and I was going to let my father wash it. Unexpectedly, when my father tried to say it was too cold, I suddenly realized that my father was a patient. However, just as I stood in front of the cabinet and poured soup, he poured water himself. I turned around and said I would come, but my father smiled and said he could do it himself. I took the footbath basin that poured water and blamed myself. Why did my father pour water? I ran to the boiling room to fetch water. I tried the water temperature, which was much warmer than before. So I took a basin and hurried to my father’s ward. My father took off his socks consciously, I washed it myself. I squatted down to help my father scrub his feet. Looking at my father’s tiny Shank, I really wanted to cry. Since my father was so thin at that time. I felt uneasy and reproached myself. When did I care about my father? If I had discovered his illness earlier, I wouldn’t have turned to this situation. He helped his father finish everything. His father leaned against the bed and ate bread. His father said it didn’t suit his taste, but he still insisted on eating two. My father only drank a few mouthfuls of ganoderma duck soup cooked by my sister, so I poured them all. I don’t have any smell, so I don’t have to eat it. My father then asked me to give a roll of Hawthorn to him, and wanted to eat it. I helped my father tear off the package and handed a roll to my father, but my father ate a roll. I was busy washing the tableware again. After washing, my father urged me to go back to my residence. He also said it was not dark, so go back quickly. Be careful on the way. However, I can’t match my father. Now that I have left. Walking on the road, looking at the neon in the city, it hurt my eyes and tears flowed down. In fact, it was not the neon that hurt my eyes, but my heart cried. I forgot to wash my father’s face and accompany him for a while, because the coming of the night was the most lonely time, but I did it step by step. After more than twenty years, since I don’t know what my father likes most, I once took the love given by my father for granted. I think there is a reason why I seldom come home once a year, I thought it was difficult to make phone calls several times a month because there was nothing to say, so I naturally chose silence instead of making phone calls. I thought there were too many generation hooks between father and daughter, and too many people couldn’t communicate with each other, so I chose to escape and often didn’t go home to have a look. However, on this day, I was completely sober. I was wrong, so wrong. Home is what? Home is a warm corner of Hong Kong, a relaxing place for people, a place where relatives and relatives get together, and a good place for healing, but in a year, I have never been back home several times. At this moment, I really understand the meaning of going home often. If we really wait until the trees want to be quiet but the wind continues, and the children want to be raised but don’t wait, then everything will be too late. This day made me truly understand how to cherish and cherish the happiness with my family. I hereby advise those prodigal sons who don’t go home often to visit and cherish the happiness in front of them. [Responsible editor: easy to get along with]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. 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