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How brave is the dry wind to invade every corner of this winter? Can I escape from this city? I am a coward. I was afraid of all difficulties and got used to escaping. But now I can’t escape from the fact that when something is really in front of me, I have already givenRead More



Cautious independence is an important concept of Confucianism. Inheriting for thousands of years, later generations have never stopped studying Shendu. So, what does Shendu mean? Cautious independence is originated from the doctrine of the mean in the Book of Rites: Destiny refers to nature, willfulness refers to Taoism, and Taoism refers to religion. If youRead More



I. Definition of novel style: in the aspect of small novels, the requirement of word count has been established, which is within 1500 words. Ant Financial novels have not yet standardized the number of words. Some of them are within 300 words, while some have exceeded 500 words. Short stories: the word count is basedRead More