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After dinner, I sat in the clothing store next door. At this time, my mother hurriedly brought my bag and the mobile phone rang abruptly in the bag. My mother said: I didn’t take the mobile phone when I went out, but it kept ringing. Who else will come to me in the evening? ThereRead More


Waiting for You

I don’t know when I began to fall in love with you. How happy I I am to see you around me. But you didn’t know when I didn’t tell you personally. Although the internet is very developed, you can’t understand what your life is like now. It’s crying, laughing, not hearing your laughter, andRead More



After watching a movie and listening to a song, I fell asleep and woke up again, I don’t know what I have been doing during this period of time, and I can’t go where I want to go, I couldn’t touch the dream I wanted to touch. Looking at the broken colored glaze and theRead More


xin san

[Introduction] just like each of us, we all treasure an umbrella. Or happiness, anger and sorrow, or confusion and wandering, or sadness and joy, whether it is wind or rain, whether it is sunny or cold, it is silently accompanying, supporters and inspiring. It is like a burning flame, jumping the sincere soul. It rainedRead More