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World view in micro vision

# The second host# couldn’t help sighing with emotion after seeing the public’s judgement on this event. The truth of the event is no longer the key point. What matters is the attitude of outsiders like us. No matter where you have been, we know our roots in this traditional country. In human life science,Read More


Something about

We all know that a name is just a person’s code. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad. But sometimes, the vulgarity of the name does make people laugh. The first time I clicked the student’s name, when I checked in during the day, I paused. Hehe, this name is quite interesting. AsRead More



[Introduction]: in the world of love, no one is sorry for anyone, only who does not know who to cherish! Crying doesn’t mean I surrender; Taking a step back doesn’t mean I give up; Letting go doesn’t mean I give up; Smiling doesn’t mean I am happy! We always like to verify the promises thatRead More