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The flowers planted by myself fell down all over the floor last night. I stuck the glue to San Geng, but didn’t stick it at last. Sudden feel ridiculous. It seems that there are still endless things that have not been done. I want to go with the flowers. Numb for a long time. IRead More



A wandering winter rain knocked at the gate of winter and opened the curtain at the end of 2011. The days passed day by day, the cold gradually came to us, and the footsteps of 2012 were getting closer and closer. My friends are busy with the year-end summary, and I seem to be veryRead More


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Grasshopper, I don’t know who has this name, has been circulating till now. Every summer, in the fields of the country, the sound of grasshopper will be heard, and when you walk near the sound, I couldn’t hear it immediately, and I wouldn’t find where the grasshopper who just made a sound went after lookingRead More



[Introduction] life is easy and God is hard to get old. There is Chongyang today. The old are the wealth of the society, and the old are the meritorious men of the society. Our great Shenzhou is celebrating the birthday of the elderly on the Double Ninth Festival, wishing the elderly all over the worldRead More