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Destiny is a thing that ordinary people can change if they want to change. Since we cannot change our fate, we can only learn to change our mentality. I went to other places the day before yesterday and had lunch with a classmate. This classmate and I are both in the workplace and have theRead More



The dream is far away, so I have a distant miss. I have a dream, whose distance is beyond my reach. I miss it constantly, just for that faint dream. Constantly pursuing, that autumn was very beautiful. The sadness and panic at that time were silent because of dreams. Meeting is a fate, but theRead More


Blue Yan

[Introduction] when I wrote this, I felt deeply guilty for my husband. I don’t know why I am influenced by this kind of emotion. That man won’t control my life. At most, he is just a blue-looking confidant. He listened to my nagging and comforted my crying. He said this sentence on QQ: time isRead More



[Introduction] life is divided into different people because of its length, number, complexity and trifles. In the journey of life, there are only a few people accompanying them to watch the same scenery. I entered the space of my friend accidentally and saw his life photos in Fudan campus. At this time, not only theRead More