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A netizen said that he left me messages on QQ four times, but I didn’t reply. Between the lines, he told me his dissatisfaction. Here I sincerely say to my friend: ignore you, I have to love you. In fact, I am neither aloof nor lofty. I don’t have the capital to be aloof andRead More


Night difficult

Miss like water years like knife marks smile steps faltering shadow shadow shadow fishing net cigarette bag it turned out to be time carved childhood tears scattered handwriting night wind in low complaint night at a loss two pieces of clouds go back to hometown but things change a heart worry two and a halfRead More



Tired, tired, may the tired body and mind rest here, slow down; Want to cry, just cry here; Sad heart nowhere to release, it can only be carried here. It’s best to blend in this torrent and can’t see you and me clearly. I am willing not to know anyone or experience anything. People inRead More



A fragile heart is crazy about literature. Only you know how many difficulties you have crossed and how many hardships you have paid. However, when I saw that I was still far away from the Palace of literature, but my physical condition was worse year by year, my always confident heart still couldn’t help fallingRead More



Once, just like the past, there were a lot of things worth recalling. Missing is like scissors, sharp but leaving no trace. What I miss is just like what I never forget, folding it into a paper plane and making it fly further. That thread is like a scenery, which cannot be relieved, what IRead More



In fact, I don’t like it, but I love him and have a girlfriend? What do you want to do? My friend said, I smile bitterly, alas! What can I do? His girlfriend is my benefactor. Did he break up? What are you going to do? My friend said, I am still silent, alas! WhatRead More