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Just received a phone call, my nephew who has been building outside for many years will go home for the Spring Festival, and my friend will also go home for the Spring Festival. On the phone, their earnest words cannot be separated from their attention and greetings to their hometown and their care to theirRead More



[Introduction] today is the annual Father’s Day! My father passed away as early as 1992. I didn’t really fulfill the responsibility of being a son of man because I didn’t understand or devote myself to that year. I couldn’t let my father live a few more years to enjoy his old age, therefore, I willRead More



In today’s social life, when it comes to men beating their wives, the first person who raises objections may not be women, but men will step forward: how can there be men beating their wives? It can be seen that in the eyes of the same sex, men who beat their wives have already beenRead More