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[Introduction] in winter, my parents were more idle than other seasons. My mother often did some needlework and made clothes for the whole family for one year, while my father was busy doing work outside to earn money. At the beginning of 1997, I am a new soldier. On that day, the company organized to take a bath in a nearby town. On the way back and forth, I saw an old man with a rickets body covered with dirt holding a gripper in the coal cinder piled like a hill, it seemed that I was looking for something, and the comrade-in-arms who knew it told me that it was picking up coal blocks. My heart couldn’t help feeling sad, not to mention the possibility of snow in the cloudy sky at any time. Just the car pouring coal cinder above the old man’s head was enough to bring him unexpected danger, however, the old man didn’t care about these. What he needed was how to pay more coal to go home for heating, or to exchange more money to support his family. On the way back, and even in the next few days, my heart was always very heavy, just like the burden of negative pressure of Jin, and the pain was hard to express. I cried more than once in silence. More than ten years have passed quickly, but those sad scenes often appear in front of me. How can I forget the embarrassment of this old man’s life? In fact, just like several generations in my family, I struggled with fate in suffering. My fathers and their farther ones failed to get out of the bottom of the society. How difficult it was to live, but they unfortunately missed a little turn when they came to their fathers. My parents lived a feeble life and lived hard at the bottom for five or six decades. It was also good for my generation. Basically, it was out of poverty, but the first 30 years of life were still a miserable journey, with tears and bitter tears. For us, perhaps suffering is the catalyst that inspires us to fight bravely and a wealth that cannot be underestimated. We miss it. We always sleep on salary and taste Gall, taking it as a treasure. However, will the rich life make our generation and the younger generation dilute these sufferings? I don’t want anyone to enter this boring circle. In order to refresh my mind and make my mind clear, I write down these experiences attentively. My brother and sister were born in the late period of the ten-year catastrophe of the Cultural Revolution. In the 1970 s, China was not calm, and our family of five lived in peace. Playing mud and hide-and-seek is the entertainment that we and other rural children enjoy. Maybe playing is the nature of children, because playing will forget everything, there are too few desires, and more importantly, we forget our troubles and misfortunes far away. As we grow older, we three brothers and sisters enter school for the first time, then the living expenses gradually increased. If we don’t go to school or pay tuition and miscellaneous fees, the young family will still live a relatively plain life, while the insignificant school expenses have pushed my family into a dilemma. I began to feel self-abasement, because I am the children of the poor, my parents are not like those who eat commodity food, even village cadres or private teachers. My family has been a farmer for generations, I am a poor farmer who can’t even afford the tuition. Although there are many children like me around me, I am different. What I want is avoidance, cowardice and cold autism. This horrible Devil came into being in my young mind, which made my life more difficult and more difficult in the future. I also failed to learn the primary school textbooks well. The 1980 s of the last century was the most difficult time for my family. Farmers make a living by farming. In rural areas without economic environment, farmers without economic minds should make a living by farming. Raising cattle and horses, feeding pigs and sheep are the most traditional ways for farmers to make a living. It is said that raising cattle and horses is used for ploughing and sowing, and it is also said that if the next child is fed up, it is better to spend another money; Feeding pigs and sheep is also the same reason, which is all for living. In the first few years of the 1980 s, my family was almost in poverty. First, I died of raising horses and horses, and then I died of feeding pigs and pigs. Our life suddenly fell into a low ebb. In those years, our family lived an inhuman life. In order to save this dilemma, at first, my father did a business that cost only a few or dozens of apples and could not be smaller. In autumn and winter, I took my sister who was less than ten years old along the rural dirt road to the neighboring county of Anhui province with a trolley to exchange potatoes, and started the business of exchanging corn and potatoes, sometimes my father also rode that shabby bicycle and asked to buy animal fur along the street, and then exchanged for meager profits. My father also did dangerous brick kiln work. It was the first time that my father owned his own house when he was over 40 years old. Even after doing these things, my father did his best, but the hard life was still the same. Then my father made a bold move to go far away to ask for some alms by posting the reputation of God of wealth to others, which was actually begging. This action infuriated those decent relatives of mine, who were determined not to follow, counted or criticized. My father only begged once, but this time left me an indelible impression. At that time, during the Spring Festival, my father bought several big red papers and shared a model of God of wealth with another person in the village. Cut the red paper into a book-like size, and dip some ink into the God of Wealth mold to print the god of wealth. Then, my father carefully wrapped these things, put them in a shabby snakeskin bag, simply packed up and then traveled far away. In the next few days, my father always knocked at the door at every begging place, and then smiled and said to others to send the god of wealth. Good people always take one or half steamed buns to express their gratitude, and there are also those who give steamed buns. But there were also people who drove father out ruthlessly with hostility and contempt. Father always smiled bitterly without complaint or regret. On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, the thick snow was white, and the bitter cold wind was stabbing. When I was young, my elder sister and I stood at the entrance of the village in the snow and waited excitedly for my father to come back, because my mother said that my father would come back today, and also because I felt that my father would bring something rare or delicious that we wouldn’t have when. At that time, we didn’t understand life, and all we wanted was delicious food and fun. That day, when it was getting late, my father came back. My sister and I couldn’t recognize him. We didn’t recognize him until my father called us not far away, his hair, eyebrows and beard were covered with ice slag, just like an old man in the snow. When I got home, my sister and I just looked through snakeskin bags, looking for something that seemed useful in half a bag of steamed buns and steamed buns. At this time, my father was not that important to us any more. Second, with the birth of my sister, life becomes more and more difficult. Except for the clothes that can be sewn at the end of the year, the rest of the clothes are almost all provided by relatives, and the phenomenon of patches and patches is even more common, so that I didn’t wear underwear before I was 15 years old. I remembered that it was the summer of 1990, because I had been in my hometown for two years and didn’t improve in junior high school. My parents who were looking forward to my son knew very well that only going to school could make me stand out. So my father went to the county with me to find my uncle with his luggage. My father wanted me to go to school in the county where my eldest uncle taught, because my brother was admitted to the middle school from this school. But the thing of begging uncle didn’t succeed, so he returned to his hometown on that day. But the result I am lucky, because I was always worried that I would be laughed at by my uncle’s family. I would never sleep in pants at night, because I didn’t wear underwear at that time. My sister was born in when my grandmother was still alive. Grandma lives in our house to take care of her mother and younger sister. In fact, our family is also taking care of her. Grandma’s life is also unsatisfactory. In addition, she is already old, and her health is also a little inconvenient. Mother specially made some steamed buns mixed with wheat flour and corn flour for grandma’s purpose when steaming steamed buns. We were not allowed to eat them randomly. When mother saw us greedy, she would also break off a small piece for us. Corn pancakes or steamed corn bread are our staple food. In the summer of and June, my brother was admitted to the middle school, and our whole family and people who knew about it in the village were happy with it, because my brother would be a commodity food person in the future, no longer a poor farmer. However, when I went to school, my parents and elder brother made difficulties, and the admission notice required to pay 80 yuan for tuition. Our family didn’t have ten yuan, let alone 80 yuan. There was still no place to borrow money from east to west. My brother cried on a pile of broken bricks at that time. He said sadly: Don’t borrow it, my mother, I’m not on. Whether my parents are willing to do it or not, they say that they have to go to school even if they break the pot and sell iron. Fortunately, I borrowed 60 yuan from my three aunts, and the remaining 20 yuan was made by selling the chickens and ducks laying eggs and some wood at home. Later, my elder brother often claimed himself as the leader of the gang when he went to normal school, which originated from his poverty. Once in the middle of the night, my brother fell down from the upper berth in his sleep, fell over and fainted. He was forced to survive by his roommate on the bed and did not go to the hospital for treatment, there is no simple bandage even for ear bleeding. Two years later, I studied in a middle school in my hometown. The school was very close to home, and I lived and ate at home. In this plain school, there is indeed one thing that I will never forget. It was snowing on a cold winter day, and the country path was muddy. I was wearing a pair of water shoes, one big and one small, which I didn’t know was sent by that relative, walking on the way to school. Halfway, a classmate cried in surprise: where are your shoes? I looked down and found that the big shoe was missing. My left foot was standing naked in the ice slag. My feet were frozen and completely lost consciousness. I returned a long way to find the big shoe. But for the families in the city at that time, or for the rich, my family and I were suffering a lot. Third, in my mind, farming is a terrible thing, not only because of its bitterness, but also because of its misery. Every time I saw the scene of harvesting crops around, my thoughts would go back to the past in anxiety. Parents always keep doing work in the field, and when harvesting, they even get up early and go dark, and even forget about sleeping and eating. Father often said: people are diligent and not lazy. This sentence seems to be my parents’ motto. They spend almost 2/3 of their time in the field every day. As soon as spring comes, that is, just after the Spring Festival, when the taste of the new year does not disappear, parents will be busy fertilizing wheat. Chemical fertilizer is usually applied, which is the common saying in rural areas that ammonium bicarbonate and urea are also available, but it is relatively expensive, and my family is generally not willing to use it. In the 1980 s, almost no fertilizer was applied to my fields, mainly some domestic manure. In addition to fertilizing crops, it is also a very important task to use hoe to loosen soil, which can not only effectively eradicate weeds, but also make crops grow more favorably. Although this kind of work is lighter than dung, it also needs a shovel and a hoe to complete. Later, everyone had the consciousness of scientific farming, and farmers had more and more detailed requirements for the care of crops. In spring, it is also necessary to spray medicine on wheat, one is to remove rust and pests; The other is to promote health and prevent crops from falling down in summer. Spring hasn’t been finished yet, and soon summer will come. The main task at this time is weeding. My parents always dig grass in the field all day long and wear straw hats to prevent exposure. There is abundant rain in summer, and wheat grows fast. It will mature in May of the lunar calendar. At this time, it was the busiest and most tiring time of the year for farmers, and the most obvious manifestation was the rush to harvest the seeds. In order to welcome the arrival of this time, my parents always bought Sickles early, prepared farm tools and fought a harvest war with all their strength. Parents get up at four or five o’clock every day, cut off the wheat one by one with sickles, and then get sleepy. The sun in the sky was extremely poisonous, tired and thirsty. Under the scorching sun, people felt their brains dim. The skin that was too hot to bear was full of blisters. Soon, the blisters would explode and the skin fell off. However, the strong farmers are so busy here that they want to harvest the crops as soon as possible and put the grains into the warehouse early. At this time, farmers were most afraid of cloudy days or rainy days, because as a result, the wheat would be rotten in the field without harvest, and the hard work of one year would be wasted. Bundles of harvested wheat were piled up in the field, and then threshing was carried out in the hot sun. The wheat on rainy days could not be peeled off, and the drier the wheat, the better it would be. My father rolled the wheat straw round and round with the cow dragging the stone, and the cow was completely exposed to the sun. He was more eager for the Sun to be hot and the better, because the wheat grains he took off were relatively dry and easy to enter the warehouse, reduce the trouble of redrying. It takes about twenty days to finish the summer harvest. Next, a fearful thing came to pay the public grain. Its horror stems from the personal qualities of grain inspectors and the fullness of wheat. I remember that when my family paid the public food, my parents always used a rack cart to drag about kilograms of wheat to walk more than ten miles on the rough soil Road. It only takes one time to catch up with the grain inspectors when they are considerate to the public or when the annual harvest is good. Otherwise, only this item of parents will pull a thousand Jin car back and forth for several times, and the result will often be very miserable, for example, when the wheat is not full, two Jin is close, and the reason for this result is that the harvest is not good, and what is worse is that you can’t be full all the year round with your head. In my impression, my family almost never had good noodles (wheat noodles) before 1990. The festivals for the poor are very simple, or simply not enough. I don’t have a deep impression of festivals except Spring Festival. My family and I didn’t celebrate our birthday before May. It can’t be solved if we are full and warm. Let’s talk about something else. In the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, tired parents will be busy again, and it is time to harvest the cash crops in autumn. The harvest of soybean, sorghum, corn, sweet potato, cotton and so on is enough to make the parents who have finished the summer harvest bend again. One afternoon in the early autumn of, the sun was as hot as fire. My mother sprayed pesticide on cotton in the hot sun, and she was busy all afternoon. When she had been busy for a whole day and was satisfied with the enrichment of the day after returning home, unfortunately came quietly, and she was poisoned by pesticides. In the middle of the night, my father and elder brother took their comatose mother to several rural clinics with a carriage. The treatment effect was not good, and then they were transferred to a township hospital dozens of miles away to be cured. In the meantime, thanks to my aunt doing business at the gate of the township hospital, she borrowed some treatment expenses, otherwise the consequences of my mother would be unimaginable, and the situation of my family would not be known in the future. People often say that autumn is the harvest season. Indeed, it is reasonable that you get what you pay for, and pay is proportional to the harvest. It can be known that the input of poor farmers to fertilizer in the field is limited. Although they work a lot, they have little effect. Stop and pinch refers figured: Was year round remove buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other costs and turned over public grain, stay for some self-use, one acre of earning less than 200 or 300 yuan, and each farmer has more than one mu of land. I always think that the poor are afraid of spending the winter. Naturally, in winter, you need to wear more clothes and have heating equipment, but these are not enough. The cold wind is biting, the Frost knife and the snow sword are not enough at all. No matter how we protect our hands and feet every winter, they will be Frostbite. If we work in the field, our skin will be chapped. In winter, my parents were more idle than other seasons. My mother often did some needlework to prepare clothes for the whole family for one year, while my father was busy doing work outside to earn money. The hard-working father almost worked hard, earning hard-earned money, even hard-earned money. The Spring Festival should be a festival of national jubilation and excitement for thousands of people, but at that time we seldom felt happiness. During a spring festival in the middle 1980 s, I spent one yuan at home. In order to let our brother and sister live the Spring Festival, parents pulled a poplar tree to the market and sold it. However, when preparing to cut a piece of cloth for us to make clothes, however, I wanted to cry and found that the 23 yuan just sold trees disappeared. The unfortunate life can only be followed by the misfortune of life. We have deeply experienced the poor and cold-hearted existence, but we don’t want to continue, and we don’t want to fall into this inhuman strange circle any more. We don’t blame fate or heaven, but we believe that only hard exploration, fearless pursuit, diligent innovation can change fate and life. Besides sighing, we long for all the people in the world to be happy, really [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. Yesterday and Today, Wu Jiang’s… Be a person who never stops growing up Teacher Lily coughed with a strong nasal tone when she was in yoga class. 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