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[Introduction]: being a good person does not mean being good at doing things, let alone having done things. The value of human existence is to do things, to do practical things, to do good things, to make people clear and to cultivate people. In this sense, doing things is skin, and being a person is hair. In recent years, I have made discussions on different occasions that people should do things first. Although I have been looked at by many people, I not only do not want to regret, but also become more and more stubborn. In the past, we have always emphasized the idea of being a man before doing things. The original intention of this proposition is very good. It warned and emphasized that if you want to do good things and do good things, first of all, we should understand the truth of being a human being and learn the knowledge and art of being a human being. Knowing how to be a person, learning how to be a person, and doing things with the attitude of being a person are the foundation and guarantee for doing things well. The concept of doing things before doing things really gives people good enlightenment, and also makes many people achieve their careers because they have taken the right path. Looking back on those years, I also strongly agree with this sentence, which was used to brainwash my students and subordinates. However, there is also such a phenomenon in the reality of life, that is, some people are good at life and do things poorly, which can not help but attract people to think. This is also the reason why I don’t know the current situation and make noise. Normally speaking, it is not easy to be a man who can do things well, but why does the result produced by the demand is not high, and if you plant camels, you will produce fleas? I am afraid that this is related to the strictness of doing things first and the narrowness of some people’s understanding? First of all, from the perspective of epistemology, it seems not rigorous to say that doing things first is a person alone. Understanding produced in practice. The course of life is to do things, to understand a person in the process of doing things, to summarize, sublimate and enrich the understanding concept of a person and to highlight a person. In a certain sense, doing things in life is a process, and doing things is a person after all. This sentence emphasizes learning first and starting a new journey from the high point of previous experience, but ignores the meaning of showing people by things and cultivating people by things, is there any suspicion of putting the cart before the horse? Secondly, what is a person? Some people have misunderstanding unintentionally or intentionally. People should emphasize on using personality to ensure doing good things, doing things well and doing things well, but some people understand it as having a wide relationship, being feasible and being able to eat well in the society, regarding being a good person as a means of doing your own thing, the taste of being a good person has changed. Looking at today’s society, there will be the prevailing view of thick black studies, the magnificent scenery of vulgar works, the evil deeds of concealing profits from the upper and the lower, and the sorrow of being honest and hard-working and suffering losses. Of course, the issue of the world style can never be said to be misleading because of doing things first. But is there anyone who fails to understand the deviation will lead to the fallacy of the result? Thirdly, being a person does not mean being able to do things, let alone having done things. The value of human existence is to do things, to do practical things, to do good things, to make people clear and to cultivate people. In this sense, doing things is skin, and being a person is hair. Being able to be a person is to grasp the direction of life from a macro perspective to create an environment for doing things according to the end-oriented thinking, while being able to do things is the ability and action to discover and solve practical problems. Of course, the weapon of criticism cannot replace the criticism of weapons. People must first focus on doing practical things, learn and master the knowledge of doing things, cultivate the skills of doing things, and create the actual performance of doing things. Otherwise, being a person is a castle in the air, pi zhi bu cun mao jiang yan fu? In view of this, I still want to say loudly that to be a person, do things first! 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