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[Introduction] the value of a piece of art lies in its personality, uniqueness and uniqueness, but isn’t it true for our children? His value also lies in his irreplaceable nature. I am born to be useful. But why should we insist on uniformity …… a few days ago, a junior two student in Baqiao district had many problems because of frequent surfing on the Internet, due to poor grades, the teacher refused to sign up for him. Later, when the parents got angry, their parents teamed up with sticks, and finally died. In addition, a little girl in Chang’an last year, it is said that she stole more than twenty yuan from her parents and was also killed by a belt. In addition, a three-year-old girl in Guangdong was suspected to be frost on the ground because she couldn’t carry it on her back, he was also shot to death by mistake,…. We should think about these bloody facts and fresh lives one by one. Are we still parents? Are we still like teachers? Are we still engaged in education? What on earth do we want to do? Once upon a time, all the people were paying attention to their children. How many scores did they get in the exam, how many students were ranked, whether they could go to famous schools, starting from kindergarten, Moon class, Star class, mathematical olympiad class, high school class, sprint classes emerge one after another. There is no shortage of science and technology. They are banned every year. As parents, we only pay attention to children’s scores. Few people pay attention to whether their physical and mental health and personality are sound? Mood whether pleasure? Will I communicate with others? Can I get along well with others? Grateful? Is there any pioneering spirit? Do you have the ability to survive? Is there enough ability to fight? Do you have good moral character?….. However, things went contrary to our wishes. Our education was just like pulling out radish in the radish field. Instead of pulling out radish, only a few yellow leaves were pulled out. Therefore, I thought of Gong Zizhen’s “a tale of disease and plum blossom”, a morbid Society, morbid education, morbid parents and morbid teachers. As teachers, can we bend down to have an equal dialogue with children. Whether to treat them with appreciation, whether to encourage them, accompany them, warm them and help them out of the darkness when they are the most helpless, the most self-abased and the most desperate, walk through the mud, go to the light, and succeed. The value of a piece of art lies in its personality, uniqueness and uniqueness, but isn’t it true for our children? His value also lies in his irreplaceable nature. Our talent is born to be useful. But why do we insist on being uniform, using the same standard to measure different people, and thus dividing them into three or six grades? Is it true that a child will not succeed or be happy if he is less than a few days of study? Is it equal to success and happiness for a child to go to college? In fact, herringbone is very simple, just leave it aside. Don’t think so complicated. It is said that the last sentence left by Baqiao’s child to his parents and the world is: ‘Dad, stop typing, yes, your father will never beat you again, because without you, wake up, parents, you can give birth to him, raise him, love him, but you can’t replace him, design him, oppress him, even if they will make detours, experience setbacks, make mistakes and wander between soberness and confusion in the process of growing up, this is the price they must pay for their growth, this is the so-called Bloody Romance. This is life. Reality will correct them and correct them. Only after the baptism of life can they mature and grow up. Therefore, let nature take its course, don’t do stupid things in the name of love any more. Give your children freedom, respect, and loosen yourself. Don’t be too tired for holidays. 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